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Did Somebody Say “Stocks”?

I’m the good girlfriend that’s goin put you up on shit, mention your name in rooms, incorporate your start up shit in my already established brand’s promo, teach you about shit, and yes-put you in plays to make money.

Cause I ain’t with the broke Heaux antics.

Any of my girlfriends will tell you that I’m the friend that drops them off stocks they should invest in, when they should invest, and why they should invest in it. Then I sit back and watch the plays hit home runs and everyone eats. My girlfriends will also tell you that i have a fascination with the stock market. Researching and learning it is so calming to me. Nope, it’s not something I’ve been formally trained in but as a formally trained behavior scientist, one thing I know how to spot, identify, and forecast....& that’s PATTERNS, EMOTIONS (of consumers), & NEED.

Couple this with my cosmic intuition and my knack as a creative of seeing the future and manifestation of something and you have an additional stream of income where you literally watch your money grow.

As a single mother who refused to wear her divorce as a scarlet letter & invitation for poverty, I’m always looking for additional streams of income and power plays cause I don’t have the luxury of depending on a nigga for shit-nor would I want to. As a Black woman raised by independent & paid revolutionary Black women dedicated to Community, you are taught to share your resources

Although this has gotten me burned by ungrateful heauxs in the past, I’ve recalibrated my boundaries and learned from those experiences so I’m good now.

With this being said, I’m thinking of dropping regular plays to all of you beautiful people subscribed to The Heaux Cake Bakery membership subscription package. A smart heaux cake is a paid and financially stable heaux cake. Cause Nik don’t fawk with no broke heauxs. No, no, and NO.

It should be noted that I am not a trader instructor or a stock broker but I’ll be dropping the names of two dope ones I know who will square you away.

Imma post this over in our forum and y’all can tell me if you want me to drop them plays so y’all can hit these home runs.

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