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Let’s Get This Schmoney 💰

It’s time to make this schmoney!

I would love to drop stock plays here for everyone to take advantage of. I do have some reservations.

Please note that I am NOT a stock broker or an instructor. I am self-taught and I research/look up plays daily. I will give you SUGGESTIONS, it is up to you to make your decision and subsequent moves.

You will need to do the same. I encourage this because you’ll actually begin to speak the language, know what I’m talking about, and can even make your own suggestions to the collective. It’s always great to have your understanding and to be dedicated in doing the work to ensure your financial security. No one is obligated to teach you the entire stock game...for free and with their “free time”. If you aren’t ready to invest in your education and pay for courses: READ up on it at your leisure.

I would like to suggest you reach out to either of these two brothers for their phenomenal classes to bring you full up to speed.

Racine Sean Smith

Next, stocks go up and down. You cannot be emotional or impatient. Stocks are a risk. Only put down what you don’t mind losing if need be. There will be times when you win big and there will be losses. It’s called balance and taking a chance.

Please understand this before engaging in stocks.

I use both Robinhood & WeBull apps for brokering my stocks. For intents & purposes of my suggestions here, I’ll be utilizing my Robinhood app mainly as I feel it is more user friendly & easier to decipher for beginners.

Sign up today with my link and get you a free stock just for signing up. You must completely sign in to get your free stock.

I will drop plays based on how many of you sign up as I don’t want to bombard y’all with content that you don’t want or aren’t interested in.

Get your FREE stock today! 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾

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