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My Approach

I engage with my audience using a genuine, outside of the box, person-centered autonomous approach. using my colorful and no nonsense approach that I am known for, I am able to connect with my audience in a more personal way that feels more intimate and welcoming.


No two journeys are the same, therefore they do not warrant the same map. I am not for everyone. I say this all the time. My ideologies go against how we have been programmed to exist and what to accept.  I want you to live your best life possible-and enjoy it. I want you to see yourself as the force you were sent here to be-and not the version who has been altered through conditioning and trauma.


 My main focal point is to encourage people to live THEIR lives as authentically as possible while drowning out societal norms, pressures, and other bullshit that keeps them away from living their best actualized life. My approach is best suited for individuals who aren't afraid to shatter molds, are ready to experience their catalyst to self improvement and can handle large scale transformations...personally & Professionally.

Instead of using the cliche "Come as You Are" adage, I want you to come ready to see (and embrace!) who you can really be. The "You" who you are supposed to be...not the "you", the world conditions you to be. I don't believe in boxes, "rules", parameters, man-made constraints, societal uniformity, or anything that encourages you to exist half mass and less than how you were sent here to be.  My approach is drenched in confidence, INDIVIDUALITY, knowledge, and passion. I want it to rub off on you too...because you're going to need it to live that fire ass life that awaits you.

I look forward to connecting with you and meeting you on your journey.


April Nichole

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