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We’re Halfway Through Mercury Retrograde!

We’re halfway through Heaux ass Mercury Retrograde!!!

Mercury Retrograde is upon us once again! Til June 3rd to be exact!

But let me not get ahead of myself as I understand that we got some heaux cakes who may not be privy to what this period is and what it means.

What Exactly is Mercury is Retrograde?

So let’s talk cosmo shit real quick. The planet Mercury rules communication. Communication in all facets and entities such as writing, speaking, listening, reading etc. Remember it’s all avenues of communication so any forms that are used will be affected. Travel, mail, & technology are also affected and influenced by planet Mercury. . It also rules travel, automobiles, shipping, and mail.

Now let’s talk Retrograde which is defined as moving backwards. Put the two terms together and you have: all forms of entities directly related to communication, travel, and technology will be “moving backwards” and reversing in time.

This could mean “moving backwards” into old communications. Particularly those connections with people whose communication with you was wonky or left things unsaid.

THIS is why exes return to...COMMUNICATE with you. This is why YOU might be the ex feeling sentimental about some shit you left unsaid and now wish you reach out. You may also get hit up by old crushes, real blasts from the pasts, an old one night stand-shit is trippy, trust me. Again, this is because we are in the energy of the past. We are in a RETROgrade.

Shit sounds like a Smallville fairy tale? It ain’t.

Most times, these exes with freshly licked return stamps have absolutely NOTHING to offer. Most times, they really don’t have much to say outside of weak “I miss yous” and “I want to see yous”. Very rare are their sentiments pure and long intentioned.

Nope. They/You are simply being influenced by the energy of returning to unfinished or fawked up communication.

Let’s get back to communication though cause this shit is more than for relationships of fawk boy/girl past.

So because Mercury Retrograde is such a pressure cooker for also creates misunderstandings. With this being said, you have a better chance of people having you fawked up...and you having them fawked up too bew 😬

Communications whether platonic or romantic might be tenser, snippier, and harder to navigate than usual during this time. Misunderstandings are likely, as is impulsivity. This makes slowing down essential, no matter your sign. Even conversations that begin beautifully can quickly turn sour during a retrograde because it’s ruling planet is on her fawking tread lightly. Avoid or delay important conversations & travel. Get your car serviced as this is also the time where cars or modes of transportation conk out.

Lastly... don’t you dare entertain that heaux that done shown you what time it is!!!!! Click UP!! 📵

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