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The Art of Role Play

I was in Philadelphia on business for the weekend and I literally wanted to let my hair down and snatch somebody son's soul. If I was going to be in the "City of Brotherly Love", I was damn sure tryna' find a brother to give some love pussy & throat on the house.

I arrived at the lounge that a friend of mine from Philly had suggested. It definitely lived up to the hype because I was feeling the vibes literally from the door. Nik don't do the hoody hood spots. Not in this lifetime at least. Anyhoo, I sat in the lounge's center bar seat to show that I was alone, create an open approach entry on both sides...and to show potential suitors that I came by myself and was ready to mingle.

I was wearing THE FUCK out of this pussy pink bandage mini dress. You know I had exfoliated with my favorite Black Sauce body scrub and followed up with my Sweet Pwussy Hair & Body the bawdy was extra soft, glossed, and ready to get flossed. The six inch stilettos had my oiled legs & ass sitting right. Makeup was poppington. Accessories were hitting against my oiled skin. I was ready for whatever.

After ordering my signature cocktail, I looked over my shoulder to read the room of potential sons of somebodies who were ripe for the taken. The tips of my 24 inch bundles danced against my bare thighs. I scanned the room and drank in the sea of handsome chocolate faces. Sexy brothers who looked like they came from all walks of life. I locked eyes with a few but quickly averted my eyes to avoid a brother taking that locked gaze as his invitation to come up and cramp my style before I allowed myself to fully survey the room. Plus, I was looking for a certain type of attraction. They type that made your pussy pound when you met his gaze and saw him smile at you.

So I cooled out.

I turned my attention back to the bar. I sipped slowly and allowed my body to ride the beat of the bomb ass songs the DJ was spinning that evening. He too, must have known about my quest cause he was damn sure dropping all of my favorites that had me swaying and rolling by my second drink. Suddenly, I felt a hand on my shoulder followed by a smooth deep voice. "Excuse me Empress? Is anyone enjoying your company here tonight?"

Now, I'm real big on energy exchange and watching who you allow to touch you. Usually, I'd be .38 hot about someone putting their paws on me unsolicited but it was something about the warmth of his palm that made a bihhh almost cave in when I turned around to put the face with the voice.

I certainly wasn't disappointed. The brother was fine. I mean...FINE.

I started my survey of him at the bottom (yes, I'm one of THOSE women). I was impressed by his custom African Ankara print loafers and the way his midnight blue tailored suit hugged all his physical proof that he probably lived in the gym. I could still smell that distinct fresh barbershop smell of his fresh hair cut mixed in with whatever essence oil he was wearing. Buttery smooth chocolate skin and deep brown eyes gazed down at me with so much sexy authority, I knocked over my the remainder of my drink.

He chuckled at me (the nerve!) as he cavalierly reach his manicured hands into his breast pocket to produce a linen handkerchief to wipe off the wet mess in front of me.

"A knockout who knocks drinks over? You don't say??", his brown eyes twinkled against his long lashes as he stepped closer to grab my wet hands to dry them off too.

Slipping my hand from his, I smirked. "If you're going to make fun of me, let's leave the exchange here and you can beat it Idris." I twisted my body from him and then motioned for the bartender to bring me another drink.

"Ooooh fiesty too? You definitely have my attention now. I don't know who Idris is, but I'm Kofi...and you are?" he asked.

Then he put that SAME hot ass palm on my shoulder and gazed them SAME sexy ass brown eyes down at me.

Shit. Get yourself together Nichole. Don't let his ass stump you. YOU are the one on a quest here tonight. Get your head the fuck back in the game. Make HIS ass sweat.

Then I was back.

I smiled my most seductive smile and swiveled my chair into his direction before crossing my legs against his thighs. From the look in his eyes and sudden part between his lips, I could tell that he caught a glimpse that I wasn't wearing any panties under my extremely short mini dress. As I saw his eyes dance up my body to drink in the entire lewk I was serving, I also saw that he noticed I wasn't wearing a bra either. Yeah nigga, take in these nipple rings too.

"My name is Nik. Nice to meet you Mr. Kofi. What brings you out tonight?" I deliberately dragged my tongue across my tongue before biting my lips.

Now it was his turn to sweat. He blushed hard. Yep, this fine ass God who looked like he had just stepped out of an upscale African fashion magazine was in a Nikkie trance. Now it was MY turn to act pompous.

I spoke up again, using the same voice cadence he had just teased me with minutes earlier. "Oooooh. A cool cat...with a cat that now has his tongue? Interesting". I sat back in my chair smirking at him.

Suddenly, the bartender arrived with my new drink. This seemed to recharge the battery in homeboy's back by taking the focus off of him for a second so that he could regroup. He was lucky 'cause my ass was just getting started.

"Hey Chief. Whatever the lady is drinking, I am covering. Cognac straight for me please. If I could start a tab for us, I would greatly appreciate it bro".

He slid his credit card across the counter at the bartender who nodded and got the fuck on about his business to fix his drank. I guess he too must have known about my mission to get chose tonight and was doing his part to help me manifest this shit. Not all ancestors wear capes.

Kofi turned his attention back to me and extended his hand.

"I apologize for poking fun at you earlier. Can we start over Ms. Nik?", then he flashed that smile and twinkled them eyes at me again.

Be cool heaux. I checked myself again before I wrecked myself again.

"We can do that", I agreed as I began sipping my fresh drink, "Back to my question sir. What brings you out tonight?".

"I'm working on adding some play to my life. It's been a busy week. I wanted to unwind and come listen to music. This is actually one of my favorite spots I like to hit whenever I'm in town". Kofi waved his hands so royally when he spoke.

"In town?" I asked.

"Yes, I live in Harlem", he said while sliding his fine ass body into the seat next to me, "I'm sorry, I also noticed you didn't answer my question. Is anyone enjoying your company tonight? I don't want to be rude."

By this time, my 2.5 dranks had begun to kick in.

"Are you referring to the present moment or later on tonight?" I purred, licking the sugar around the rim of my martini glass.

He didn't back down this time. "Both." There was those deep authoritative brown eyes staring down at me again.

"Not at the moment", I smiled coyly as the bartender sat his drink in front of him before disappearing again.

He took a sip of his drink and nodded while gazing down at my bare thick thighs. I intentionally uncrossed and crossed them again. Due to our close proximity, I saw him inhale my sweet scent that rose from my honeypot and close his eyes briefly as if he was imagining what it would be like to taste my nectar.

"Anybody ever tell you that you have beautiful legs?" he reached out and began rubbing my thighs under the bar table.

Oh, this man must think he Usher in this club? Ok bew, I'll be your Beyonce. Afterall, I do got on my Freak' Um Dress. I uncrossed my legs and parted my thighs before answering: "Yes...but none of those who told me were you Kofi".

He leaned in so close, at that point I felt like I was wearing his body oil because it was all I could smell.

"You have beautiful legs Nik...any openings?" There was that twinkle and he threw in my lip lick too! Then I felt his hands begin to inch further up my thighs to the now open space.

"Mmmmn. You're in luck. Tonight is Kofi's Grand Opening". I draped my leg over his knee to drive the point home. For a second, I regretted snagging the corner seat but fuck it, we was grown, and the lounge was packed at this point. It really didn't matter. Let them watch.

"Oh is that right?" I didn't think Kofi's voice could get deeper and sexier. My Gawd!

"Yeah", I leaned in after taking another sip of my drink, "And I have multiple positions open".

I lifted my knee to hook into his waist to scoot my bar stool closer to his-which resulted in his fingers slowly crashing into my full yoni lips. He gasped and gave me a sexy amused look.

"And", I continued, "I'll make sure you eat good". I flashed him a delicious smile before reaching down in between his legs to start stroking his thick ass dick that I couldn't help but notice was busting out them pants. Out the corner of my eye, I could see the bartender head our way before making a quick about face once he caught a glimpse of Kofi's face.

"Damn, what time is interviews starting?" he glanced down at his watched with an exasperated look.

I put my hand over his and guided his fingers inside my swollen wet lips: "When can you come in?" I whispered seductively watching his reactions.

Suddenly, Kofi stood up from the bar shaking his head. He looked hot and definitely bothered. He began wiping his brows with the same handkerchief he used to wipe up my spilled drink.

"Fuck! April, I can't do this shit no more! Let's get back to the hotel so I can fuck the shit out of you!"

He never could hang and was always the first to tap out 🙄

He closed out our tab and tipped our bartender tremendously before literally yanking my ass up and pulling me outside to the waiting Uber. After giving the Uber driver a steamy show, we arrived at the hotel and both fucked the shit out of each other. The daaaack was like the Uber ride: 5 stars.


See....Kofi is really Kevin. Just like Nik is really me. At the time we were in a monogamous relationship. We loved to role play to keep the relationship fresh and add another level of pizazz to the fold. Wink.

Normally I don't wear what I had on that night...nor do I drink martinis....nor do I wear 30 inch weaves (it was a wig actually)...nor does my tomboy ass wear pussy pink bandage dresses or rock six inch stilettos.

Kofi-I mean Kevin's ass normally didn't rock tailored suits, tight ass loafers, or Caesar fades. His ass didn't drink either.

We were role playing. Exploring new personalities in the same person. Every couple of months, we would travel out of our area to an unknown city to role play. Sometimes we would plan it out and sometimes (like this night) we would surprise each other. We wouldn't know who we were fucking that night which added shock value, suspense, and sexual tension.

I absolutely love role playing! I grew up in performing arts schools and I'm a hedonist who loves a voyeur. I was made for this. Some of the best sex I've had has come from role paying-particularly while away from my regular environment and comfort zone.

I certainly suggest it for everyone. Not just those who are in long term relationships. Peep my next blogpost on Role Play tips and tricks to try.

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