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The Appeal of Choking

The Choke & Stroke

Many have heard about it. Many have discussed it. Many have experienced it. But no one really understands the underlying reason for its appeal and what the fascination is behind it.

Choking a partner close to orgasm can have a euphoric effect on climax-thus an explosive confirmation of an individual’s power over their partner & their pleasure. Women can have more intense orgasms when coupled with choking (commonly referenced professionally as Breath Work). Men as well.

Which is why it’s not surprising how the appeal and fascination for the Choke & Stroke has increased over the years. Particularly due to its presence in porn and social media discussions. However, it’s fascination transcends further than a desire for a stronger orgasm. There’s actually a much deeper psychology behind it’s appeal & it encompasses the taboo world of control and role play.

Choking harps on the essence of giving and receiving of control. In kind, this introduces partners to the illustrious world of dominant and submissive role on an intimate echelon. Granting a partner permission to choke you—or visa versa—is allowing the two of you to adopt dominant and submissive roles in bed.

A totally new world for some. A higher level and execution of trust for others. Moreover, this is something many of us long for: An opportunity to relinquish control...or the power to take it.

For an example, an Alpha man used to barking orders and exerting rough energy in large quantities, may find it erotically intriguing to be dominated & controlled by a woman...a totally different scene that he isn’t used to reliving. On the contrary, a woman who may live her life docile, shy, and introverted, might find an intoxicating appeal to finally being in a position to exert control and be the Alpha.

And vice versa.

Different strokes for different folks. Literally.

Regardless of gender, choking is an act of surrender. It is the assertion of completely trusting the dominant party while allowing them to take complete life threatening control over the submissive party. Add in the element of simultaneously being pleasured at the same time....we’re talking a literally erotic mind fuck 😻💦

Yes, psychologically there is an erotic appeal to literally putting your life in someone else’s hands. However, fret not. Don’t be alarmed. The notion of choking being life threatening is only a perceived fantasy. No, you aren’t seeking a near-death experience, but the mere positioning (all pun intended) of someone having that power can be a magnetic turn on.

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