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Summer is definitely here and ours for the motherfawking taking!And my heaux ass been taking EVERY

Summer is definitely here and ours for the motherfawking taking!

And my heaux ass been taking EVERYTHANG!

It was brought to my attention that we are missing the bylaws and operating procedures for our Summer of Heaux and I would be remiss if I did not leave you all with a few jewels that have allowed me to pussy pop on all types of handstands during these hot pwussy months.

  1. Figure out what type of experience you wish to have this summer and stick to it.

Some of y'all heauxs don't know if you wanna heaux or fall in love this summer and it's fucking a lot of y'all up. Heuax is you here for a good time or the long haul? The only person who can answer this is you bew. What exactly are YOU looking for? Do you wanna mix and mingle with no strings attached? Are you open to entering a relationship where you slowly build and slowly wean yourself off of dating others? Or are you ready to meet a nigga at the altar in your white dress?

When you don't have a plan or a vision of how you want an experience to go, you end up at the mercy of the various circumstances that encompass it. How you gonna set standards and boundaries and you out here sporting Ray (Charles) Bans? How heaux?

Also, when you don't have a solid square to stand on, you can get knocked off of it. I've seen plenty of heauxs with love on the brain get blindsided into situationships because they didn't take heed to this rule. On the contrary, I've also seen heauxs who were looking forward to a Hot Gyal Summer, suddenly conned into whole ass suffocating relationships cause they took their eyes off the prize.

You really hate to see it

2. Get Yo Confidence UP

Baby, how you goin slay the summer if you have absolutely no confidence in the weaponry you have been blessed with. How heaux? If you don't believe it, you cannot achieve it. It's time to get that confidence going. It's time to start realizing the gold that you bring to the fold. IDGAF what your body type is or what you think you should look like. It's niggas out here who will sop your ass up with a Dicksquit and worship the ground you walk on-as is.

You just got to get the fuck out of your head and way. Ain't no fun there.

3. Be Proactive & Vigilant

This brings me to my next point. If you are out here seeking something: Heaux go get it. If your hang ups about yourself includes your pandemic weight and/or summer body: fix it. It aint too late to get your ass in somebody's gym. It ain't too late to put them fried foods down and stop all that late night snacking. It's not too late to turn around whatever you feel like is hindering you. I always see so many sisters complaining about shit they can change and/or hating on other women who had the druthers to get control back and slay. I better not see one of y'all doing this!

4. Know Your Treasured Features & Dress To Accentuate IT

I grew up in a household of beautiful curvy women. It was very intimidating when I was younger-especially when I started going through my very own puberty. My mother believed that every woman has a treasure/attribute of herself that is either rare or a delicacy amongst her suitors. Mine are my eyes, my skin, and my legs.

If you look at any picture I have ever taken, you'll see that these things are always highlighted and to the forefront. I chose clothing that accentuate my body (particularly my legs) and I don't focus on the parts of my body that I don't like. I'm always too busy highlighting the ones I do. It may also help you to ask others their opinions of what they feel your highlights are. You might be surprised to hear about shit that you've never really paid attention to on yourself. Add those to your list too. This is a huge confidence booster that will transform you into a magnet for attention and connections.

5. Move About Heaux

Get comfortable with sticking and moving. You are here to enjoy YOUR summer, not the summer some nigga wants to encroach on you by monopolizing your time. Be open to meeting different people and having different experiences-THEN EXECUTE. When you are at a function, don't let one person bog down your entire time talking you to death and keeping you away from other potential suitors. Exchange contact information and get thee fawk on with ya day. Rinse and motherfawking repeat. Men are famous for trying this-especially if they know you are a catch. Men are territorial so this should not be a surprise. However, remember what YOUR goals are for the experiences YOU want to have for this summer and stick to them. If these niggas want a relationship, tell them you'll circle the block after the Columbus Day holiday when Cuffing Season officially starts. DATS IT.

6. Set Boundaries

Again, this is YOUR summer and YOUR experience. Don't allow no man, no friend, no foe, and no heaux knock you off of YOUR square. The only thing you are obligated to do is have fun YOUR way, This ain't the time for peer or daaaack pressure. If you ain't feeling a person or a situation, put them boundaries up. Them boundaries need to be up regardless because they will protect you and ensure that you receive the experience you are seeking. Be SELFish heaux. You fucking deserve it.

7. Do Some Solo Heaux Shit

Lewk. I done told yall that you don't need to do everything with your girlfriends. It's totally fine to embark on your own solo adventures (safely). As I've stated in my past VLOGs, when you are solo, you are more prone to be noticed, approached, and favored. You can also experience top tier heaux shit without an audience of heaux in your business. I've had the most fun while out on my solo heaux shit. So book that solo trip. Go to that spot that you have been begging your girlfriends to come with you to but they have been dragging their feet. Most of the time all of this is by that you will be forced to experience shit solo. This is your sign. Get your ass outside and live.

8. Stop Entertaining Ghosts From Fuck Boys Past

Ok yall. Cause this one is really fucking some of yall up.

Heuax, you gotta make room and provide YOURSELF the space to really enjoy yourself this summer. You can't do this shit by using your free time visiting the landfill to spend time with trash that you've already taken out. We goin have to do a quick mental health check cause I don't understand this. We've got daaaacks of all sizes for the taking and your raggedy ass is over here still entertaining and vibrating low with folk who mean you no good...and you goin' have the audacity to wonder why your ass ain't having fun??

Ok girl

9. STOP Giving a Fuck!

Stop giving a fuck about how people will respond to YOU living YOUR life. They've got their own lives to live however thee fawk they want to and PLEASE believe that they ain't goin allow YOU to dictate what they goin do with what exactly is you doing about yours?

Baby, this life was given to YOU to live. So live it heaux. It really saddens me when I see people living at half mass because they are so concerned about the opinion of mere mortals. Chileeeeeee fuck "them"!

You want to date a married couple this summer? Heaux DO IT!!!!

You want to finally experience a 3some this summer? Heaux DO IT!!!!

Liked that 3some and wanna do another one? Heaux DO IT!!!!

You wanna experiment with a woman finally? Heaux DO IT!!!!

Are you eyeing the new dude at the gym and want to work him out yourself? Heaux DO IT!!!!

Bitch, you better live your fucking life and heat up this summer (safely). I ain't playing with you.

10. Be a Discreet Heaux

Let me put on my Virgo hat and remind you that everyone don't need to have access or be privy to information that pertains to your personal (read: Sexual) life. Baby no. That's where these unauthorized biographies, tell alls, and exclusives come from. People give others too much insight in their personal lives and it either forces them live modified lives due to knowledge of surveillance or they have gaggles of heauxs out here who know all their business (and secretly waiting on a fall out to spill the beans).

Keep some shit to yourself and always move discreetly. You cover more ground, accumulate more memories, are allowed to be more free, and you attract a much better experience that is YOU focused.

May the heuax be with you

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