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Stop Answering Cat Calls. Heaux is you a cat??

"Ayye girl!", "Pssst", "Black leggings", "Shawty, come holla at me real quick".


(That's "Pardon Me?" in Español for my non-bilingual heauxs).

YOU want to talk to me, but expect ME to come talk to YOU? In real life too?

This activity always seems to transpire with men sitting in the passenger side of their best friend's ride or when they are out kicking it Willie Bo Bo with their homeboys.

K-Ci, you and the rest of Jodeci got me and my time fawked all thee way up!

This is has always been one of the highest forms of disrespect and total disregard for courtship that I have ever seen in my life. A man showing you fresh out the gate, that you have to come to HIM and pursue HIM-although HE is the one interested in connecting with YOU.

Again, Perdóna-fawking-me????

& what has cooked my grits on a higher temperature is seeing you heauxs skip y'all's raggedy asses over there. Oh yes, I've seen sisters proudly twist their asses to walk up and talk to a nigga sitting comfortably in a vehicle. I've seen sisters step their asses in traffic and cross streets to answer cat calls of niggas sitting on stoops, street corners, and benches. Yes Gawd, mine eyes have seen the coming of sisters eagerly skipping to their lews (yes-lews) into their new shifts of a union where they always goin wear the pants...and chase them.

Heaux, is you el pollo loco?

You do yourself a disservice every time you answer a cat call and fail to establish at the gate that you are to be approached like a lady and pursued properly in that same vein. You do yourself a disservice every time you allow a man to play tag and make you "It" for the entire relationship/situationship/fuckship. Yes, baby girl: every single time.

You've heard it before: Men are hunters by nature. When they see something they want-they ease on down the road to it. Naw-they run because they don't want another hunter to see it.

Contrary to what is articulated, men know what they want and already have a healthy routine of courtship ascertained before they approach you. When men (healthy and sound men) see a woman who they are interested in, his respect of her from the gate will influence how he approaches her and handles her-because he sees & respects her VALUE. He also acts like he does and it is very apparent in the way he decides to make that interest known.

Men. That's the operative word. Again, it's MEN. One more time, MEN.

Men. Hombres. Hommes. Umomini.

That's English, Spanish, French, & Italian cause somewhere a heaux goin act like she don't speak English at this part of the story and we here at The Hedonist Playground accommodate all dialects & languages, as we are dedicated to getting our ministry to the masses. Won't she do it?! 👏🏾🙌🏾

But I digress. Sorry y’all.

*Clears throat* Now where were we? 🤔

Men know what they want and already have a healthy routine of courtship ascertained before they approach you. Men who have an understanding and respect for approaching women who pique their interests, know what is expected of them. Men comfortable in their divine masculine and understand the language they must speak to appeal to a woman's divine feminine. They know the importance of approaching a woman, properly introducing themselves, asking her what her interest are, who she be with, things to make her smile, what numbers to dial...

Yeah all of that. That's the program you need to be getting with Heaux Cake. Not a man who is showing you from the gate that he can't even meet you half way-literally.

If a man cannot meet you halfway, please trust that he cannot meet you THERE.

So to recap: STOP responding to them cat calls. Stop approaching niggas who wanna talk to YOU. Stop allowing men to disregard you and not put in the required work from the giddy up. Stop giving these niggas audacity. Stop answering a call to a life that you are much too good for.

You are a decadent Heaux Cake.

You not a cat.

Act like it.

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