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Role Play 101

Last month we covered sexual fantasies and tapping into them. Now it's time to tap in and bring your fantasies to life with role play!

Role play is one of the best ways of flirting with your sexual fantasies. It's a means to allow us to extenuate ourselves to the depths of our fantasies. Yes, even those taboo ones. ESPECIALLY those taboo ones. So it’s no surprise that a lot more of us these days are enjoy exploring a range of possible sexual scenarios and fantasy through acting and imagination - aka roleplay. Remember, whenever you're trying a new sex thing, you must have a good old chat with your partner(s) beforehand. You'll need to discuss expectations, boundaries, and safe words. Having established trust and being able to communicate honestly will make sure you have a safe (and fun!) experience.

Don't overthink this and for fucks sake (yes-literally!), don't be out here doing cliche shit that you know you aren't really interested in. These are YOUR fantasies so play YOUR role heaux.

Need a starting point? Want ideas? Peep the link below. They got 30 of em bew!

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