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Let’s Talk About Flogging

So I'm going to get right to it as y'all know Nik beats around no bushes.

We as a people do not have a great history with whips, chains, being struck, or anything that can be classified as bodily punishment in other spaces. With this being said, I certainly understand the apprehension and even fear of allowing self to remain open to someone inflicting pain against us intentionally. Whenever I mention the act of flogging a mate, most people buck their eyes and avert their attention to other subjects. They will even let me know that there ain't no way in hell that this will go down.

However, there is a world out there where people can separate our past traumatic experiences of antagonists holding whips. There is a community of folk who love delivering the lashes or receiving them.

You may be asking: Why on earth would anyone willingly let someone literally whip their ass?

Um...the same reason why some of yall like to slap ass or have your own asses slapped during doggy style. Just a heightened version.

Let's break this down a bit more to gain a real understanding of flogging.

So there is a difference between utilizing flogging as a tool of corporal punishment versus a tool of BDSM (bondage and discipline, domination and submission, sadism and masochism) pleasure. In the BDSM world, dominate partners (referred to as a "Doms") assert dominance over their submissive and subordinate partners (referred to as subs).

As described in our blogpost on choking earlier this month, this relationship allows for the relinquishing of control which is a huge feat for trust, intimacy, and bonding. In instances where the woman is the Dom, she is allowed to have full control of both herself and her partner (a huge departure from the male dominated world she dwells in regularly) while her partner gets to see her in one of her strongest roles ever. A high and change of scenery for both parties.

In addition to the change of scenery or roles between the two partners, aesthetics also play a role as there are various BDSM outfits that can be worn while navigating in these spaces. Women playing the dominant role typically love to transform into their BDSM Dominatrix Goddess by wearing black (which is psychologically the color associated with Power), high heels, fishnets, various whips, face masks, latex or leather outfits etc. These outfits assists with transitioning into that fantasy and helps the Dom solidify herself as the Head Heaux In Charge.

Now let's chat about the psychological break down. *Grinch Smile*

There's a beautiful transfer of energy when pain intersects with pleasure that really drives us wild psychologically.

Dopamine, which is a neurotransmitter, plays a huge role in how we feel pleasure. It is present in the body when we experience both pain AND pleasure. Some experts agree that this might be one of the reasons we can combine pain and pleasure in a single situation. Other chemicals that are released in our bodies during sex are: endorphin, serotonin, melatonin, epinephrine, and norepinephrine. The same chemicals that are released when you work out or prepare for a challenging feat. You know that burst of energy and happiness you feel when you just completed that 5k or won a challenging competition or accomplished something huge? That SAME surge of euphoria is what some feel when they are being flogged.

Please enjoy a short commercial beak featuring a demo, if you don’t mind 👇🏾

And again, you know that pep in ya pussy you feel when you throwing that ass back on bae and he is slapping the shit out your cheeks making you go wild and throw it back even harder?

Heaux yes, THAT.

That same euphoric feeling is also accomplished for some when that paddle/whip hits that ass.

In short, when we engage in situations where pain and pleasure are fused together in conjunction with the release of power or the embrace of power; it sets the tone for an amazing experience for both parties.

We will be stocking various BDSM pieces in Nikkie's Heaux Bag Online Store that is due to drop this upcoming Sunday. Peep blog photos on this article for your sneek peek. For intensive tips and a step-by-step guide on just how to perfect your flogging, check out the article below:

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