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Introducing TASTY 👅🧁💫

The VARK Learning Theory, asserts that the four main types of learning patterns can be classified as: visual, auditory, kinesthetic (hands on), and reading/writing (1992). With this being said, I will be catering (wink) to all of the educational orientations for all of you beautiful people during this subscription period. My understanding of this is that for many of you, reading words just ain’t enough. You know, some shit that you can see and hear. I feel you on both a personally level and a professional level. So as always, Nikkie’s got your back & is already on top of it 😘

For those of you who learn on an visual and auditory echelon, I specially present to you TASTY: Acclaimed Heaux Cake Recipes on Tape. Lewks (looks) of recipes & inspirations for Heaux Cake that you can see and hear. Serving up double sweetness to appeal to both styles.

Cause again, sometimes reading it don’t do shit for you. Here, you can have your cake...and eat it too 👅 💦 🧁

Cuming to you in sprinkles here and there 💫👋🏾

But for now, THIS is a sexy ass ✌🏾simulation✌🏾of how to ride somebody son’s face 😻👍🏾

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