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Hey Bew! Welcome to My Frequency!

Monday Motivation: It's been a long time coming but a heaux is here!

I am very excited to be presenting this community and platform. My goal is to provide uncensored and unfiltered content free from censorship, bullshit, non-treasure trolls, and copy cats who wish they had a brain.

Most importantly, I wanted to create a space that would allow me to write more intimately and freely about my philosophies and expertise as well as self-disclose my own experiences and journey. I'm a little too young to be writing a memoir but the type of life I've lived and will continue to live is chock full of experiences and fawkery that will never run out. So why not start now.

If you have followed me for a while, you know that I am a Nick of all trades. I have my hands in so many things, I have many passions, and I love doing various things. Over the past six years, I amassed seven (7 bihhh!) businesses and as they grew, I grew tired of them and my energetic battery grew tired of my ass too. About a year and a half ago, I began doing the work to not only take shit off my plate but actually figure out what I like that isn't attached to servitude and putting myself last. This journey has resulted in a totally different person who now wants to do different things and has outgrown a lot of the things I (thought I) enjoyed for so long.

After merging a few businesses together, refusing to leave the Nik Cave for shit that absolutely dick to do with me, freeing up my time, and creating space for new high vibrational shit; I was introduced back to my first true love.


I first began writing at age seven, when my mother enrolled me into my first creative writing class. She wanted me to have an outlet for my overthinking, imagination, and preference of being left alone in my own damn world. I read early so this led me to wanting to write just like my writing heroes. In class, I quickly learned (and immediately loved) how I could organize and make sense of my thoughts.

And boy did I have a lot of them.

As a Virgo, I overthink. As a Virgo, my mind never shuts off. I am forever in creative mode and I was very fortunate to learn how to hone and maximize it to the fullest. Instead of thinking I am going crazy (like I used to when I was a little girl and would be overwhelmed by my obsessive thinking), I give my thoughts what they want and that's freedom to leave my head and bless the masses with what I'm being used as a vehicle to say.

Because I have knowledge in a plethora of things and have always dedicated myself to living life my way, I have a lot to draw on and to offer to you and I am so excited. Each feature of this membership is an extenuation of my thoughts and creations.

Welcome to the of a.Nichole. You are more than welcome to introduce yourself and/or suggest a topic for me to expand on.



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