The Mending Space 

An All Inclusive Spiritual Retreat For Colored Girls...Who Are Enough.

"i found god in myself & i loved her / i loved her fiercely".
-Ntozake Shange

The Catskills Mountains

Friday August 30, 2019-Monday September 2, 2019

Envision a tranquil and sacred space cultivated by a village of sister healers and light workers who are not only dedicated to assisting you with unpacking any extra baggage you’ve been carrying around but also guiding you to walk through your spiritual door and unwrap your divine feminine magic. Imagine nestling into a majestic all inclusive dwelling where you will be afforded daily yoga, intimate sacred sister circles, Empowering activities, & Self-care workshops. Imagine immersing yourself in a space where you will learn mystical crafts practiced by the women of your ancestors, perform rituals and life changing exercises that will awaken the conjurer in you and jump start your evolution into a new womanhood of walking into your power and magick. Visualize gathering with sisters just like you in a safe, sacred, environment where judgment is not allowed and you are afforded all the space you need to be honest, vulnerable, raw and release all internal blockages so that you can finally: bless, release, and restore your peace.  

Welcome to

The Mending Space 


"She is a friend of my mind. She gathered me. The pieces I am, she gathered them and gave them back to me in all the right order".   -Toni Morrison 

Renew. Rejuvenate. Restore

"If I am not good to myself, how can I expect anyone else to be good to me?"
-Maya Angelou 

Unplug from the hustle and bustle of life in this modern overstimulating world and plunge into the forgotten world of nature and her plentiful messages for you geared at healing your inner self and connecting you to the magic that the universe has to offer. Nature has a way of not only soothing our spirits but also getting us alone where we can quietly turn into self and hear what spirit is trying to convey to us. During this phenomenal four day weekend, you will have chance after chance to immerse yourself fully into nature walks, grounding exercises, meditation in the woods, water ritual offerings, and a powerful new moon ritual where you will be walked through the art of releasing, setting new intentions, calling back your power, planting new seeds, and stepping up to your next level by your hands on Mending Village. Participate in a nightly sacred sister's circle by a bonfire where you'll recharge off the fire's heat, share stories with your fellow sisters, and bond over our specially made and unlimited Heteru's Punch Potion.

Every facet of your stay will be covered, From nourishing food prepared by our professional sister chef to supplies for all of our rituals. Your only responsibility is to bring self regardless of what shape you are in spiritually...and recharge.


Bless. Release. Restore Your Peace. 

"You wanna fly? you got to give up the shit that weighs you down"
-Toni Morrison 

Engage in transformational and cathartic person-centered workshops that will gently push you into splitting yourself open and digging deep to the core of your being. Heal your inner child, spirit, and conquer your demons with the reassuring helping hand of your Mending Village as they assist you with removing all of the toxic energy and unresolved issues from your past and mentor you into your best self to restore and recharge yourself! This all-inclusive workshop will speak to the mind, body, and spirit of the woman while speaking to the evolution of sisterhood.

Black. Magick. Wombman.

The biggest  spell I ever cast was healing myself.

Conjurer. Bruja. Wild child. Blitch. Healer. Empath. Light Worker. Root work. Candle magick. Hoodoo.  Santeria. 

You may have heard these words but never really gave much thought to their meanings. Perhaps you have and are intrigued the beautiful world of conjuring and healing magick. Maybe you've been wondering how to build your altar, cleanse your aura,use tarot cards, perform rituals, visualize and manifest your desires, speak to your ancestors, prepare offerings, and utilize crystals for your highest good in your daily practices. 

Over this mystical weekend, you will also open your door to spirit with guidance from your Mending Village as they teach you the aforementioned words and guide you through the magical world of conjure. This will include a very special New Moon healing circle &  ritual on the first night of the retreat and a ritual offering on the river's edge. embrace your black girl magick as you step into the practices of our ancestors and experience your rebirth as a carefree black girl. 


 Supplies for all rituals are included in your retreat package.  

Your  Mending Space 


Enchanting Creekside Victorian Home With Private Riverfront

Welcome to your sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of modern life. This beautiful Victorian home, built in 1899,  is located in the Catskill Mountains which is known for their majestic mountains and breathtaking views of nature in all of its splendid glory. The home sits next to a creek that leads to the Delaware with a private riverfront. It includes 10 acres with an old road/trail that leads to an abandoned bluestone quarry. The property is gated within 10 acres of land which boasts both a garden and private access to the East Branch of the Delaware river for us to explore and connect with throughout our magical  weekend together. 

The house includes a full gourmet kitchen, living room, dining room, indoor fireplace, overstuffed comfortable lounge furniture, nine bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms. There is also an outdoor shower and open fire pit for glorious bonfires! 

Sisters will indulge in succulent food prepared by mending village sister and professional chef Michelle Branch, founder and operator of Open Arms Catering.  All meals and snacks are included in the price of the retreat.  You may list any food sensitivities/preferences when you register so that we can properly prepare for you.  We can accommodate everyone.

Each sister Attending will receive her own bedroom where she can retire to and recharge after each day of connecting with her village and higher self.  Come prepared to  relax, unwind, heal, bond with sisters, and rediscover you.


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Flip through our look book  for more breathtaking views of this beautiful space we have prepared just for you.

Your All-Inclusive Retreat Package

"Is solace anywhere more comforting than that in the arms of a sister?"


-Alice Walker

  • Each sister will receive her own bedroom where she can unwind, relax, and contemplate each evening in her own space.

  • All inclusive breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks by onsite personal chef for the entire stay.

  • Free use of the entire home, riverfront, sprawling property, and its amenities. 

  • Special Tribe Bag equipped with personalized tote bag, t-shirt, notebook, pen, and special treats from our sponsors.

  • A 30 minute one on one session with a Mending Village sister of your choice while at the retreat.

  • Special bag of essentials for rituals and offerings while at the retreat.

  • Daily Yoga sessions in nature with yoga & meditation guide.

  • Introduction to Kemetic Readings workshop. 

  • Crystal Grid Placement workshop. 

  • Grounding Exercises in Nature.

  • Meditation in the Woods. 

  • Manifestation & Visualization workshop. 

  • Introduction to Candle Magick & Rituals workshop.

  • New Moon Ritual & Intention Setting workshop.

  • Group Water Offering Rituals on the waterfront.

  • Altar Building workshop.

  • Introduction to Candle Magick & Rituals workshop.

  • Creating a Self-Love Jar exercise. 

  • Nightly Intimate Sister Circle Bond Fire with a special Heteru Potion Punch.

  • Heal How You Feel: Releasing Past Trauma & Shame workshop.

  • The Curvy Flow movement session. 

  • Self-Empowerment exercises.

  • Vision Board workshop.

  • Who Am I? Creating Your Own Personal Motto exercise. 

  • setting boundaries &  shattering cycles workshop.

Your Mending Village

But you should know that

I've got your's automatic.



Multipreneur, Behavior Scientist, Forensic Psych PhD Candidate, Writer, Certified Life Coach, Podcaster, & Philanthropist


Instagram: @nikkiesthoughts

a.Nichole is a writer, entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Certified life coach & motivational speaker who hails from Washington, DC. She has a BS in Behavior Science and Human Service Management & a MA in Human Services. a.Nichole is also fearless, bold, against the grain, free spirited & innovative and exhibits these characteristics weekly on her very own podcast Nikkie's Thoughts Podcast. The founder and CEO of Black Sauce, A Tribe Called Sis, and the non-profit I Just Want My People To Heal Inc. is also a writer, public figure, behavior scientist, and Forensic Psychology PhD Candidate. A lover of all things art, wild, and outside the box; a.Nichole pulls from her education and life experiences to offer her uncut and unbiased opinions on life, love, mental health, sex, & everything in between. Think of her as your very own sister therapist in your head.

Empress Elite

Healer, Spiritual Advisor, Tarot Reader, Bruja


Instagram: @mselite2u2 & eliteempress929

Do You Need Answers To Questions About What Is Happening In Your Life? Are You Looking For Some Real Direction? Have You Been Struggling With Issues That Are Affecting Your Health Or Peace Of Mind? Do You Feel Like You Are Missing A Piece Of Yourself? Elite Has Been Helping People With Her Unique Divination Giving Them A Much Needed Look From A Spiritual Angle, Providing Messages From The Spirit Realm And Is Also Available For Both Readings And Soon Energy Healing Sessions.

Her Intuitive Gifts Combined With Her Unparalleled Level Of Ancestral Knowledge And Training Give Your Reading Session A Depth Of Wisdom, Insight And Healing That Is Remarkably Effective.  You Will Gain The Insight Needed To Navigate Your Life With Greater Ease, Purpose, And Clarity.

Elite can be found on the following social media platforms:

IG: @mselite2u2 & @eliteempress929

Sihnuu Hetep

Yoga & Meditation Guide

Psycho-Spirituality Specialist

Self & Collective Care Advocate @ Wild Woman Daily

Washington, D.C. native Sihnuu Hetep started her yoga journey in 2008 with Ausarian Master Teacher Kwesi Karamoko and took healing into her own hands after the passing of her son in 2011. Self care became an essential tool for healing and spiritual growth. She dug deep, used what she learned on the mat and applied yogic principles and meditation to her everyday life in order to remain balanced in her journey. In the following year she received her 200 hour certification in Hatha Yoga. Not too long after she was invited to train in Kemetic Yoga with Master Yirser Ra Hotep of Yoga Skills.  She is well versed in Vinyasa Yoga, Power Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga and Yoga catering to Trauma sensitive and underserved populations. She is trained in Corepower Yoga formats including: C1 (Beginners Vinyasa), C2 (Intermediate Vinyasa), Hot Power Fusion, and Sculpt. In 2015 she took her understanding of yoga and meditation to the next level while studying for her 500 hour in Yoga Therapy and Stress Transformation. It is her mission to share the healing power going inward with her loved ones and community.

 Sihnuu Hetep has appeared in publications and blogs including  Essence Magazine, Mantra Magazine, Anacostia Yogi,  Chelsea Loves Yoga and more! 

IMG_5605 (1).jpg

Instagram: @yogasihnuu 


Self-Care Strategist, (Self)Lover, Healer, Classically Trained Ballerina, Art Model, Founding Director of Ballet After Dark, LLC., Co-Owner of Glaze and After Dark Infuzions.

Tyde-Courtney Edwards is the Founding Director of Ballet After Dark, a classically trained ballerina, art model and survivor of sexual assault. She's also co-owner of Glaze Lemonade and After Dark Infuzions. Born and raised in Baltimore City, she is a graduate of the Baltimore School for the Arts and has over 20 years of dance training and experience. Trained in various styles of dance including classical and contemporary ballet, pointe, modern, lyrical, jazz, tap and hip-hop, she conceptualized Ballet After Dark after struggling with recovery following her sexual assault. Tyde-Courtney has trained with Debbie Allen Dance Academy, Dance Theatre of Harlem, Peabody

Conservatory, Joffrey Ballet, Alvin Ailey and other institutions while receiving training from local dance pioneers such as Anton Wilson and Stephanie Powell. She currently resides in Baltimore City. Look for her this spring in the Queen Latifah produced documentary short premiering at the Tribeca film festival called "Ballet After Dark"

unnamed (5).jpg

Instagram: @_curvyballerina_

@balletafterdark @afterdarkinfuzions, & @glazelemonade

Michelle Branch

Chef, Culinary Instructor, Caterer, & CEO of Open Arms Catering, LLC


Instagram: @open_arms_catering_llc

Michelle Branch is the doting mother of 5 beautiful children and a nurturer to many. She started her cooking journey as a child, many years ago assisting her grandmother in the kitchen as she whipped up delicious meals to feed her family’s soul. However, Michelle would venture onto a journey where she experienced a rollercoaster of ups and down that made her lose touch of her purpose and true calling.

As a black woman, Michelle was taught that if you have children; you must settle into a job, marry, and take care of home. She carried this misguided advice until she finally decided to pray for her purpose to show up and reveal itself to her. Even though she felt down in the dumps every day, Michelle found time to center herself and pray for her purpose to show up so that she could fully step inside of her magick and rebel beautifully against the advice that she was given in her youth.

In June of 2014, Michelle was hit with an epiphany to sell dinners. She made this decision with authority although she had never sold dinners and had only cooked for her family and friends exclusively.  But Michelle did not let this discourage her. Although she was nervous to be cooking for strangers, she pushed through and after six months of selling dinners, she was called to cater a Wedding. It was this day that her purpose showed up. After catering her first wedding, Michelle’s business skyrocketed to a name that is synonymous with professionalism, hard work ethic, excellent customer service, and of course-amazing food that opens its arms and embraces your soul like an old friend just as its owner does to all of her customers.   

Birds flying high you know how I feel
Sun in the sky you know how I feel
Breeze driftin' on by you know how I feel
It's a new dawn
It's a new day
It's a new life
For me...

And I'm feeling good

-Nina Simone

Frequently Asked Questions

Where will we be staying?

We will be staying a nostalgic and beautiful Victorian home that is nestled in the lush picture perfect foliage of the infamous Catskills Mountains in East Branch, New York. The house sits next to a creek that leads to the Delaware with a private riverfront. It includes 10 acres with an old road/trail that leads to an abandoned blue stone quarry. It's the perfect escape from the modern world to delve into the world of nature, magick, sisterhood, and self-discovery. 

Is airfare and travel accommodations Included?

Package does not include airfare or travel to the home which is the responsibility of participant. We will release lodging address and directions via email prior to the trip. Please shoot us an email to assist you with travel coordination from the bus/train stop. No sister will be left behind.


​Are my meals covered?

Yes! When we say all-inclusive: we mean all-inclusive! Sisters will be indulge in succulent food prepared by mending village sister and professional chef Michelle Branch, founder and operator of Open Arms Catering.  All meals and snacks are included in the price of the retreat.  You may list any food sensitivities/preferences when you register so that we can properly prepare for you.  We can accommodate everyone.


Will I have to share a room?

No. We understand that community retreats as intimate as this one requires opportunities where sisters can retreat into their own spaces and reflect on the day and/or began practicing the various things we will be teaching in the privacy of their own space so each sister will have her own lush and comfortable bedroom. Scroll up to flip through our photo book to see just a couple of the inviting rooms that this amazing venue space boasts!


What is the total cost of the retreat?

The total cost of this all-inclusive retreat is $1111 for the Early Bird Special and $1222 for general admission. A deposit of $111 secures your spot ($222 for general admission) and the remaining $1000 is broken down into four (4) payments of $250 each month and due no later than 7/30/2019. Both the deposit and trip is non-refundable. We only have seven (7) slots available for this retreat and they are available on a first come, first served basis. Please be advised that all of our retreats sell out pretty quickly and to secure your journey with us as soon as possible because we cannot add more slots once we sell out.


What is your late payment policy?

Installment payments made after the due dates will result in a late fee of $25.00. Repeat late payments will incur a $50.00 late fee. Outstanding payments that are still not met a week after payment due dates will be subject to automatic trip cancellation and forfeiture of all monies paid.


Is there a dress code? Is there anything in particular I should bring?

Sisters will need to bring two separate all-white outfits (no exceptions) with them to participate in the new moon ritual and water offering ritual at the riverfront. Bring clothing that is loose fitting and will allow you to participate in yoga and other movement exercises while on the retreat. A yoga mat is also suggested for our daily yoga sessions. Mosquito repellent and sunscreen is also suggested as we will be out in nature as well. Please also bring your favorite crystals along with you. If you do not have any yet, that’s totally fine. Crystals can be purchased at We will send an email out prior to the retreat with more suggestions.


Do you provide childcare?

No guest under the age of 18 are allowed on this trip. Please prepare childcare prior to the trip.


​Is my deposit deductible from the total retreat fee?



Will there be downtime at the retreat?

The retreat has a schedule that does allow individual self-care and free time. Sisters can use this time to journal and call loved ones as cell phones are not permitted during exercises and workshops.

How much spending money should I bring?

We recommend bringing $100 and up as the Mending Village will have products and services that can be purchased onsite.


Is the retreat refundable?

No. However, we recommend purchasing Trip Cancellation Insurance which we can assist with obtaining.


​When is the full payment due?

Trip payment in full is due no later than July 30, 2019


Do You Have A Flexible Payment Option?

Yes! Please see below flexible payment schedule:


​Deposit Due 3/15/2019

1st Payment Installment Due: 4/30/2019

2nd Payment Installment Due: 5/30/2019

3rd Payment Installment Due: 6/30/2019

4th & Final  Payment Installment Due:  7/30/2019

All Payments can be made on event page by clicking here

Where do I make my payment?

Click on our events page, scroll down to the event listed "The Mending Space Retreat" and click "Register". From there you can secure your deposit or make your payment in full.


​Will I be allowed to leave the trip early for any circumstances?

Yes, you're allowed to leave the trip early for any circumstance. However, your airfare, travel and accommodations will be your sole responsibility. We will not issue any credit for early departure nor a refund. Please prepare for your trip in advance. We cannot foresee any emergency situations although they do occur. Please note you will be responsible for any emergency that arises on or during the trip.


What is your late payment policy?

Installment payments made after the due dates will result in a late fee of $25.00. Repeat late payments will incur a $50.00 late fee. Outstanding payments that are still not met a week after payment due dates will be subject to automatic trip cancellation and forfeiture of all monies paid.


Help! This retreat is sold out. What should I do?

Please shoot us an email and we will place you on our waiting list where we will reach out to you if a slot becomes available. We also encourage you to subscribe to our mailing list on our website where you will be the first in the know for any future events.  Also, visit the website for our sister and nonprofit organization: I Just Want My People to Heal Inc at and subscribe to its mailing list as we are currently on our much anticipated 2019 coed tour!


***Above is a tentative agenda of activities, sessions, and workshops. We reserve the right to delete or replace activities, facilitators, workshops, etc based on weather, availability, or any other non disclosed reason and replacing them with a comparable entity.  We reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone and we are not responsible for injuries or illnesses. Please consult with your doctor before participating.

We look forward to meeting you and loving up on you!