Yes, you can be a Renaissance Woman and still find true love...just ask Sis

Back in May, I met an amazing sister at the Charlotte stop of my A Seat At My Sister's Table. Not only did home girl show up to the event decked in royal blue (as she should have been) down to the lip wear but she also had this aura about her that made me want to soak her up like a sponge. Another thing that intrigued me was the fact that her husband had purchased her ticket to attend the event. This was shocking (in a good way) and refreshing as I had never saw a King invest in his queen's healing and social networking circle with the focal point of uplifting her. Listen, she even hit us with the Chante's Got A Man At Home "I gotta go cause he's waiting on me" at the end of the event with the biggest blush before disappearing outside to his waiting car.

Awwwww, right?

You can't play with my YoYo! Sis did not come play with us this day in her royal blue!

During the event, she was so poised and full of grace. She connected with the women and was so encouraging...and not that fake sisterhood shit either. I said to myself: sis, is truly a renaissance woman AND she's slaying with a partner who not only encourages her to shine but also invests in her spirit and peace. Her authenticity really struck a cord with me and so I wanted to know her story. I also wanted to know if she would share some pearls of wisdom to other sisters of her secrets to her success.

Y'all ready for this treat? Allow me to introduce you to Mrs. Yolanda M. Cunningham.

Yolanda Miller Cunningham was born to teenage parents, February 3, 1982 (Team Aquarius) in Greenwood SC. She is an all around awesome,(as she always like to say), free spirited, and opened minded young woman that’s full of charisma, resiliency, wit, and uniqueness. Yolanda was born and raised in a small town Cross Hill SC, Laurens SC. She’s the wife of an amazing Man Rico Cunningham, who is her rock, her inspiration, her motivator, her world guide, her everything, who she met when she thought true love no longer existed, but 2 souls that recognized one another immediately bonded. She’s the mother of 4 amazing and adventurous kids Brii, Emier, Bryson, and Bryland James, and 5 amazing bonus kids who she also loves dearly.

She enjoys traveling the world with her husband and learning about new cultures. Since they’ve been together they have traveled to Las Vegas NV, HollyWood CA, Seattle WA, Pittsburgh PA, Jacksonville Fl, Bahamas, St Marteen, St. Thomas, The Big Island Of Hawaii, Savanna Ga, Washington DC, Gatlingburg TN, Atlanta GA, the Dominican Republic, and while traveling married June 1, 2017 in Myrtle Beach, SC.

Yolanda is all about inspiration, Women Empowerment and Uplifting. She’s a free thinker and a writer. She’s known for putting her feelings and thoughts into poems and quotes and creating masterpieces. She’s known for her catch phrases and inspirational quotes and sayings that makes you think, one of her sayings are that created an uproar on social media.. the hashtag #SumbodyWontCatchDat.

Yolanda is also an empath with a pen...beautiful combination, right?

Yolanda enjoy learning new things, she’s a researcher. She has to dig deeper than the surface because she knows there’s always more. That’s a blessing and a curse for her because researching can sometimes consume her mind and whatever she’s researching becomes an addiction. She’s loves people but enjoys being alone. She has a healing spirit and people are always confiding in her for advice and words of comfort. She’s an empath and her energy is craved.

She is a graduate of Clinton High School in Clinton SC where she was the Senior Class President Of class of 2000 . She has an Associates Degree in Criminal Justice from Piedmont Technical College in Greenwood SC, where she was guest speaker for the Spring Boards Of Visitors and elected Presidential Ambassador. While attending Piedmont Technical college she was also selected to write a heart felt and engaging story for her English teacher for a national competition, her story won and was featured in the local newspaper. Her teacher who honored her story was awarded $5,000. She is currently working towards her Business Communication degree at Strayer University in Greenville SC. She was an actress in the play and monologue ‘Women On Fire’ where Bess Parks was the Director. The play won 2 competitions in Columbia SC and 2nd place in Atlanta GA.

Yolanda currently resides in Simpsonville, SC with her husband and children.

So y'all know I had some specific questions for sis and I was asking for a friend (yall...and my ass too).

Read on...

Yes Muvah, pour us this good tea!

a.Nicole: I remember speaking to you about your husband and seeing this light radiating from your face as you gushed about your love for him. What type of advice would you give fellow sisters who are at the ends of the rope with love and their faith in finding true love? 

Yolanda: Don’t give up! Learn to love yourself and the love that comes to you will be a bonus. There’s nothing wrong with being alone, take that time to get to know yourself as a woman, as an individual, as a mother, a friend, and a sister... Be open to love. It may not look like or feel like something that you’re used to but be open to it and trust it. Something different can turn into something absolutely amazing. When it shows up... you’ll know and you’ll never accept anything less ever again. True love conquers ALL..

a.Nichole: What has been your secrets to a healthy union?

Yolanda: Communication is very important. Learning how to be vulnerable has helped me to become more open and has allowed me to feel emotions that I had buried. Unconditional love, trust, and respect is the key. Be friends, have fun, be silly, sing in the car, dance in the kitchen, love all over....

a.Nichole: Let's talk balance! How do you juggle motherhood, wifehood, business, school, travel, and everything else in your world?

Yolanda: I’ve learned to take a step back and BREATHE. Being still for just a moment has taught me how to be more strategically productive. My Husband has played a major role with the balance that I now have. He helps me understand how important it is to have a structured schedule, prioritize and how to manage my time. I’m able to get everything done and not get burned out or skip a beat and still have time for everything and everyone. a.Nichole: Tell us the story behind your hashtag: #SumbodyWontCatchDat

Yolanda: My hashtag #SumbodyWontCatchDat was created because I love using a mixture of inspirational and encouraging words that makes you think when you read it. I’m not the surface type, I dive deep and I want my readers to do the same, all while being inspired. Hopefully when I publish my book, it’ll do the same as my hashtag... Inspire... Encourage..

“CHANGE aint always pretty at first...But it's so necessary for GROWTH...Sumtimes you gotta let go of dat old shit so that you can get your NEW blessings and a whole lot More... Even leaves falling from the trees are about to show us how BEAUTIFUL it is to let that OLD shit go”...

#CHANGE #SumbodyWontCatchDat a.Nichole: What advice would you give 20 year old Yolanda?

Yolanda: DO WHATS BEST FOR YOU AND YOUR FUTURE!! Don’t live your life for no one else. LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE NOW! Go to college, learn as much as you can. Think more about your future. Meet new people, eat new foods... Be thinking about business plans that you know you could do. Love yourself more and never settle for no bullshit! Be open. Plant good seeds everywhere you go! Follow YOUR dreams. a.Nichole: What is something that you were never taught about womanhood that you would like to share with your fellow sisters?

Yolanda: LOVE YOURSELF so much that when someone comes in contact with you, they’ll automatically know that they can’t love you anything less than that.... It’s ok to set healthy boundaries, understand that you’re not doing it for them but you’re doing it for YOU.... You are somebody, you are beautiful, you are unique, and you are absolutely amazing, whether some one else tells you that or not.... Kindness is free.. give it out to everyone, everywhere you go.. it’ll take you a long way in life

The Queen has spoken.

Yolanda can be found on Instagram at: @iamyolo_roshai

Follow sis, you just may learn a little more about life and self. Oh and check out that hashtag too.


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