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Welcome to my page and my thoughts! I am a free spirited, opinionated, indigo child who is beautifully melanated. I refuse to stay in society's boxes and I want you to as well. I give advice and life coaching on every facet on life...even the subjects you’re afraid to touch. I go in deep and I do it unapologetically! Think of me as your best friend in your head that it always going to tell you the real and help you maximize your potential all while eliminating all kinds of unnecessary fawkery in your life. I’m a behavior scientist and also a Forensic Psych PhD Candidate, so I have a little substance behind my shit talk.

Thoughts of a.Nichole came from my viral #Therapy Thursday IG "sessions" with my followers that I started a few years back where every Thursday, I discussed controversial issues and gave unapologetic and frank love and life advice. However, my followers complained that they ended too soon and they desired that I spend more time speaking on the plethora of topics I touched on weekly. So  I decided to do something about this and use the growing popularity and platform to transition into my very own blog where I can not only spill life and give advice but also interact and network with everyone under one roof. In addition to Thoughts of a.Nichole, I also decided to take it a step further and create a space with melanated language is welcome, understood, and freely spoken. In September 2017, I launched Black Sauce Podcast to intersect Therapy Thursday with the need for a Black talk podcast & to provide my people with a safe place that welcomes their thoughts, feelings, and moods. I also wanted to take it a step forward and include members of my tribe who are just as invested in the Black community, are knowledgeable in various echelons of education, and could bring not just their expertise, but also their experiences to the table & round out a sound panel. Black Sauce Podcast creates an interactive space that embraces melanated language as well as culture, revolutionizes thoughts, & synergistically enhances connections amongst people of the African diaspora. We encourage dialogue regarding the most taboo and controversial issues within the Black community as well as raw thoughts & advice on friendships, relationships, family, sex, love, fun, and fawkery with the main focal point of enlightenment and healing. You can check us out at www.blacksaucepodcast.com

In addition to Thoughts of a.Nichole & Black Sauce Podacast, I am also to the founder and CEO of Black Sauce LLC, an online retail store that features statement apparel, accessories, yoni care, holistic health  & spiritual products, motivational pieces, and also an all natural skin & hair organic care line curated by my own two hands. My Black Sauce brand  comes from my desire to create something for "us".  I wanted to provide products that speak to our story. Something that would command the attention of onlookers as you walk down the street. You know? Shit with a statement. Shit that's bold and in your face but still fashionable & traffic stopping. I wanted to have products that promote spirituality, elevate one's vibration, sensuality, get them in touch with their sexual prowess, and promote oneness with self. I also wanted to create products that would cultivate our melanin and make us shine like the sun children we are. Most importantly, I wanted to create a space where people could get all of these products in one shop. You can check it out at:www.blacksaucellc.com

Recently, I created two new Sisterhood brands: A Tribe Called Sis & A Seat At My Sister's Table. These brands came from my extreme passion and dedication to Sisterhood. A Tribe Called Sis is a coalition for women of color dedicated to providing events, affirmations, and resources that speak to strengthening sisterhood & promoting healing. A Seat At My Sister's Table are dinner events for women of color where mentoring, entrepreneurship, life coaching, laughter, healing, and girl talk exists beautifully at one table. I am so excited about these two ventures!

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