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Unveiling the Mystery of Anal Sex

Anal sex is a taboo topic when it comes to relationships – some people favor it, and some don’t. Why is the act so attractive to some? Simply put, the anus is also a G-Spot, and the sensation can be extremely pleasurable when touched and fondled. According to WebMD, the anus has a ton of nerve endings, making it very sensitive. Some people find anal sex enjoyable, but the practice does have health risks, and you need to use precautions to be safe.”

While controversial, anal sex is far from uncommon. The Kinsley Institute reported that about 10% of people say they’ve had anal sex in the last year. While anal sex may not be for everyone, our progressive society seeks to normalize the act and make it safer to practice. Especially for Black women – how do women of color typically view anal sex? What’s the emotional stigma associated with it, and how can it be practiced more safely?

According to the Perceptions of Anal Intercourse Among Heterosexual Women: A Pilot Qualitative Study, more than one third of women in the U.S. have engaged in heterosexual anal intercourse. On the other hand, studies have indicated that oral and anal sexual behaviors are less frequent among Black womenthan white women, and that Black women have been found to initiate oral sex at a later age than whites despite having initiated vaginal sex at an earlier age. One can conclude that while African American women are relatively similar in vaginal sex initiation, they’re less likely to engage in oral or anal sex compared to other races. This could be due to sexuality classifications or stigmas associated with oral and anal sex. It may also be due to how some view anal exploration – as a homosexual act, and not heterosexual. But as Black women become less fearful of exploring their sexuality and more curious, stereotypes and stigmas break down, and what’s really needed are safe partners and spaces for exploration.

Women's Experiences with Anal Sex: Motivations and Implications for STD Prevention shared that people who engage in anal intercourse take more sexual risks when practicing unsafe sex. The study conducted in-depth interviews, concludingthat at least 28 women reported having unprotected anal intercourse in the last year with a partner who was HIV-positive or whose status was unknown. So, how can women safely explore this act while minimizing health risks? Using condoms and other forms of protection is the best way to keep safe. Selecting partners whom you’re comfortable with and openly sharing health statuses is a step in the right direction. Also, having a clean rectum is extremely important, as a dirty rectum can cause infections and spread diseases to both you and your partner.

Doing your research prior to your first anal experience can also be helpful. One of our favorite tools, YouTube, provides visibility into real experiences with real people. On YouTube, you’ll find many women and men (Black, too!) who are willing to share their anal experiences and provide tips. One of our favorite videos, Tips for Making Anal Sex More Enjoyable, is a great place to start your research and exploration.

We also love Jason Wong’s Top Tips for More Pleasurable Bottoming, where he discusses how the sexual act should feel amazing with many ways to improve your experience. He discusses what you should know about your physical ability and tips on how to coordinate your mind and your body to prepare for anal sex. He describes anal as being a fight or flight scenario – with our anus having both voluntary and involuntary muscles, your positive or negative mood can result in a great or not-so-great experience your body will remember. Entering into your experience with an elevated and open mindset can result in a pleasurable experience for both you and your partner to remember.

(Credit 💫 Darling Nicky 😍😻)

Whether you’re ready for your first experience, or you just want to know more about butt play, keep a curious mind. Your sexuality is yours and yours alone, and you should find what truly brings you pleasure.

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