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Unhealthy Soul Ties & Signs Your Heaux Ass Might Have One

Mercury retrograde is back upon our raggedy asses and this time we are being forced to revisit some important conversations and may even be visited by ghosts of fuck boys past. This is also the time when a lot shit that has been hidden will start revealing itself so that you can make peace, tie up loose ends. So yes, that information that just happened to fall in your lap is for a reason bew. That revelation you just saw was a gift from your ancestors bew. Mercury retrograde comes to assist us with rectifying and making space.

Like I've said in countless Nikkie's Morning Werds, this is the year of change and this is the year that a lot of us will connect with our divine partner. In order to do so and fully make room for your person, you gotta clean house to elevate and ascend so that you can be ready to receive.

*Clears throat* This might mean taking an inventory of the union you are presently in or the individual from a chapter in your past trying to come back stating they have changed. Toxicity and co-dependency ain't nothing nice and it ain't shit good goin come to you entertaining it.

So as we dive in the shadow period (Mercury Retrograde officially begins on 5/29), I wanted to leave this for you to start off with. Please also see last week's Nikkie's Werd of The Day podcast where I talk extensively about this upcoming mercury retrograde in Gemini, how to manuver through it, and what it means for you. I also wrote a blog post last month breaking down soul ties and their meaning.

Then click the link below for an interesting article I found on the 7 unhealthy signs of a soul tie.

We will get through this alive.

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