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Understanding Soul Ties

I can't mention the word "soul tie" in front of someone without seeing them convulse and change temperature as they mentally take a walk down memory lane from hell. I've always found it interesting that something named so cosmically could turn out to be a nightmare for many.

I am presently in my pondering stage of whether people really know the difference between toxic attraction due to lack of attention coupled with weak attachment styles and actual soul tying attraction that elevates and ascends the two whenever the two energies meet.

I am going to save you the psycho-babble on this article and get straight to what soul ties are. We have forever to delve into the various negative filters of past traumas that we use when choosing and tying ourselves to partners on a later blog. I want to set the tone and provide a good base of understanding first.

A soul tie in a nutshell is the interlocking of two energies during deep physical contact-typically sexual intercourse. Because sex is a sacred act and an exchange of energies, sometimes the exchange is so powerful and synchronized, that the power of the interlocking lasts long after the act of deep intimacy is over.

On a neurological level; whenever two people engage in sexual intimacy, neurochemical changes take place in both their brains that promote limbic, emotional bonding. Through limbic bonding, sex is acting as an accelerant to enhance the emotional bond between the parties-whether this is their intention or not.

This is why casual sex is impossible for some. This is why it's destructive to others. Many claim to be able to have sex with "no strings attached" but to do so would mean to numb the sacred part of you meant to attract and align on an elevated echelon so that you only seek and connect to low vibrational energies that drain you and drag you for filth in the name of a "soul tie". The "no strings attached" crowd scares and intrigues me at the same time. I find it both frightening and intriguing that people will willingly play Russian Roulette with their energetic fields and ascensions? That's cray cray.

Soul ties represent the spiritual and emotional connection of two people through intimacy. Remember our blog on intimacy and what it encompasses. How can you be intimate with someone if you are emotionally unavailable? How can you connect and give your partner fair and adequate exchange? If you don't have intimacy to give, what exactly are they tying their soul into?

I'm just saying.

& let's not even talk about how long these ties last. I have friends who have moved onto new relationships and have even gotten married to whole ass people and they still feel connected and drawn to their past love. Why? Because the connection is on a deep level where the souls interlock. It's the same of leaving yourself with a person when you go. "Breaking up doesn't automatically free you from the contract you signed with someone else's soul. The universe doesn't recognize that energy bew.

Signs & Symptoms of a Soul Tie

  1. Obsessively thinking about a person or having a person occupy your mind-especially during the day time.

  2. Imagining the person's voice or hearing them speak in your head.

  3. Obsessively thinking about about a person before bed and resuming your obsessive thoughts of them as soon as you wake up.

  4. Craving intimacy with a person. Having an insatiable sexual craving for them. Especially when you are away.

Again, these signs and symptoms can last and be prolonged long after you have "moved on" and gotten into a new relationship with someone else. You can be whole ass married out in these streets but still got a soul tie with a nigga you was fucking with back in '92. It happens more than you know.

So in closing, may I please beg of thee and your pussy that y'all will be cooling out in these streets on these daaaaacks. This ain't the time to be picking up stray daaack energy bew. We've got shit to do and healing to handle. We're trying to unpack trauma and take unhealthy shit off our plate, not load up on more toxicity to carry around with us.

Be mindful who you tie your soul to.



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