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Top Shelf Daaaack

“Sooo… where’s the book?” She asked. He just looked at her & smiled. He reached out & grabbed her around the waist pulling her towards him. He pressed his soft lips against hers & she melted in his arms.

She felt her panties saturate as his hands moved down to her bottom. It encouraged her to kiss him back & wrap her arms around his neck as she attacked him with her tongue. It was a short battle of dominance, but to no surprise, he easily won. Their lips separated long enough for him to knock most of the books off the red library couch next to them where they sat before he held on to her face with both hands & started kissing her again.

“Wait… wait… we can’t do this?”

He stopped & looked at her confused.

“Why not? You don’t have to worry about anyone coming down here. The only people that come down here are the librarians & trust me, Ms. Landers definitely isn’t bringing her old ass down here,” he said returning his lips to her neck.

“But, but…” She couldn’t think of anything to say to stop him.

He sucked on her pulse point sending electricity through her body.

She submitted.

She spread her legs for him. He pulled open her blouse sending the front buttons to fly all over the room which caused her to squeal in excitement as she witnessed the fire in his eyes that was earlier just a flame. He lifted her skirt and she squirmed with anticipation as he crouched down between her legs & slowly pulled her panties to the side through her fishnet stockings.

Unconsciously, she held her breath as he nuzzled his nose in her sex & inhaled her aroma. The moment his tongue swept across her lower lips, she knew out of all the ways to die, she could die like this. She moaned as he flicked his tongue all around & in and out of her. He was so skilled it felt as if he literally began to spell his name on her. Too heighten up the intensity, as if she weren’t already on a high, she felt his fingers enter her as he continued to pleasure her. She suppressed her screams of passion by biting her left arm to try & keep quiet, but his tongue and his fingers were simply magical! Both wanted her to scream, but she couldn’t in this public place, where they could be caught & catch a case…

The End

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