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The Art of the Penis Massage

We’ve covered the yoni massage. Now it’s time to discuss the gloriously sexy penis massage 😻

Penis massages are not to be confused with hand jobs as they require a more intimate level of touch and exploration. In these spaces, the release of tension from the man is the main focal point of this act. Penis massages far exceed the scope of bringing a man to climax. It is providing a safe space for a man to release...whatever that looks.

Personally, I lean on the use of aromatherapy (I am stickler for fragrances) through diffusers, my favorite brand of candles, and incense sticks. If I really wish to up the healing holistic ante, I also incorporate smudge sticks (yes-I have smudged daaacks before). I also love lighting. Not a big fan of house lights, I prefer candles and salt lamps. A good playlist is key. Remember that you are setting the stage for your man to relax and allow you to put the weight of his dick in your hands. Play some sensual tunes. Step him (and yourself) out of your normal comfort zone of music. Try chime music or chakra cleansing tunes. You can find those on Youtube and just play their playlist. Amp up some jazz. Whine up some culture reggae. For fawks sake, leave the trap music in the breakroom because we want to relax-not incite. Music is a energy. We must stay mindful of the energy we are setting with it.

I love blindfolding a man during this process. It makes him more sensitive to my touch and makes him lean more onto his other senses to make up for his lost sight-which amps up getting him in his zone. Blind folding also solidifies the fact that he trusts you and is at total ease with you and whatever your plans are for him. It's a beautiful thing.

If you do decide to blindfold, make sure you amp up your touch to him. Since he can't see you, he will need to feel your presence. I try to keep at least one hand on my man during the entire session to keep our energies connected. During this time, I am massaging him with my favorite Black Sauce Brand infused massage oil and kissing him simultaneously (see video below for demonstration). I love to do them naked as I can do shit like brush my breasts against his back while I reach over him to massage his chest or straddle him as I massage his shoulders or gently choke his neck. During this time, he can touch me as he pleases OR he can have his hands tied (which adds to the temptation and his subsequent climax!) where he is at the absolute mercy of you and your traveling hands/mouth/tongue.

Chile, there's so much shit you can do. This is one of the few times that you will literally have a nigga in the palm of your hands. Take advantage!

Always one to leave you with resources to further your imagination, check out this article that I think gives some pretty dope tips on giving your man an amazing penis massage:

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