So You Wanna Start A Business...But You're Scared & Need Pep Talk Huh?

A year ago, I had a vision. I wanted to create a brand that was for "us". A one stop shop that spoke our story through promoting self-awareness, spirituality & sensuality. I wanted to curate my own organic bath, body, & hair line. I wanted to provide products that encouraged oneness with self & got my sisters in touch with their sexuality. I wanted to create products that embodied what we are and that's Black our essence adds spice and pizazz to everything it touches

HOWEVER...I was told I was crazy for this vision. I was told that since I never took a business class & possessed zero experience in marketing and strategy; I was fighting an uphill battle. I was told that it was financial suicide to back this vision with my own finances because I refused to get a business loan, ask for investors, or hire a team of business management specialist. I was also called crazy for wanting to take on this challenge while being a single mother, working a full time job, and being an A average PhD student. They said it wasn't a good choice to design my own logo, business plan, websites (you saw that plural), & packaging on my own. That it couldn't be done. That I'd crash & burn.


A year later this same woman who was ridiculed, mocked, and wrote off by naysayers has turned that vision into a brand Black Sauce LLC (heyyyyy @blacksaucellc 🖤) that has accrued over 3,758 orders to date, branched off into an enrichment center (hey @blacksauceenrichmentcenter 🖤) that prepares & enriches black youth and adults for higher learning, and a podcast (heyyyyyyy @blacksaucepodcast 🖤)that creates a space where melanted language is welcomed spoken freely. Oh and I finished my academic requirements for my PhD program with a motherfawkin 4.0!

Moral of the story: don't let your lack of experience or education OR a motherfawker who ain't never done what you're trying to do deter you from YOUR vision. Do you hear me? DO YOU HEAR ME?

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