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/ Kink scale: Holiday Pineapple Punch /

The fruitier the description, the more outre’ the content

*[girl sex, solo sex, mutaul masturbation, voyuerism]*


Maxwell brushed his dark thumb over his fiancé’s brown cheek before tilting her chin up, his brow almost arched dangerously.

“I expect you to have a good time while you’re away,” he murmured.

“Kiyah said we’ll probably go to a bar,” Jazmine mused.

“I gave Kiyah the address of a club nearby that you both might enjoy,” He said, lips against her own as he finished the statement, kissing her to punctuate it nicely. When he pulled away, she had to struggle to not give in to the urge to drop her duffel bag and pull him back down to her lips. Instead she simply nodded and opened the door to their apartment, both of them walking out into the hallway of the building.

“Well, I guess I’ll go meet Kiyah at her apartment now.”

“I’ll walk you down,” he reached for her bag and lead them toward the elevator.

He didn’t touch her until the elevator doors closed, but the kiss that followed was a scorcher. A hard press of his lips crashing against her own, his tongue hot and wet as he demanded entrance. Unable to refuse him anything, Jazmine gave in and moaned as the elevator took its sweet time going four floors down.

A gentle ding sounded through the steel box minutes later, and she pulled back attempting to straighten any visible signs that they had been kissing. They stepped out into the hallway and she led him to Kiyah’s apartment. Not even bothering to knock, she stepped in and was surprised by the chaos inside.

“Kiyah?” She asked. Things had been tossed and thrown, and there were even a couple of broken items on the living room floor near the coffee table. It looked like a burglar had gotten in and made a mess.

“Coming!” A voice called out from the back, followed by a giggle, a gasp, and a low moan.

That ruled out burglary.

“It seems her husband is wishing her a farewell,” Maxwell mused next to her.

Jazmine snorted. “An enthusiastic one at that.”

A few minutes later, the bedroom door opened and Kiyah stumbled out, her pony tail askew.

“Sorry,” the surgeon with a honey complexion giggled as she stumbled down the hall towards them, eyes glinting merrily. “Joseph and I lost track of time.”

“It happens,” Jazmine said, rolling her eyes indulgently.

“Thanks again for the club tip,” Kiyah said as she walked to the door where her bags waited.

“Be sure that she has fun,” He nodded his head once.

Jazmine felt like she was missing something.

“Will do,” Kiyah said with an impish grin, eyes flashing with something deeper than mischief.

“Where are we going?” Jazmine asked, turning to Kiyah. The woman was more likely to answer out of the two of them.

But Kiyah wasn’t answering. And before she could say something about it, she felt her fiancé’s large hands on each shoulder and felt his breath puffing into her ear.

“I’ve asked her not to tell you, but that she makes sure that you have a good time on your trip. Just because it is work related, doesn’t mean you cannot have fun.”

“What kind of fun?” She breathed, flushing under Kiyah’s knowing gaze.

“There is dancing. Should you find any other diversions intriguing, you will call me first,” He rumbled quietly.

“Well, we’re out. We don’t wanna be late for our flight!” Kiyah said, grabbing her best friends hand and dragging her out the door, ignoring her protests as she was dragged toward the elevator.


“You okay?” Kiyah asked, her smile fading as she sensed her friends sudden downturn mood. It was an hour and a half later and they had just finished buckling their seatbelts on the plane.

“I’m fine. I just get worried.”

“Worried for what?” Kiyah quirked a manicured brow.

“Things…” Was Jazmine’s indirect lame answer.

Kiyah sighed, “Look, this is your last couple of weeks being unmarried.” She raised her hand to wave over a flight attendant, so she could order them drinks. “God knows if I could go back in time before I married Joseph and let loose to have some fun, I certainly would!”

Something about the woman’s tone bothered her, although she couldn’t quite put her finger on what it was. Shrugging it off, Jazmine gripped her bag in her lap more tightly. The medical conference awaited, and that, above everything else, was more important


“You’re not planning on wearing that right?” Kiyah demanded, nose wrinkled as she took in her friends form. Jazmine looked down at her modest skirt and tank top.


Kiyah shook her head and opened her suitcase again, pulling out more clothes. Jazmine almost wondered how did she fit all of it in there.

“This.” Kiyah announced with confidence, holding up a shorter black skirt.

It would expose the tops of her thighs. There was no way she could wear that.

Her face must have said all, because Kiyah barked out a laugh. “Come on Jaz, it’ll be perfect,” Kiyah cajoled. “Plus, Maxwell told you to have fun.”

How was this itty bitty black skirt supposed to help her have fun, was beyond her.


“Please. We don’t get to have girls night anymore with our careers taking off and all. This will do you right. You’ll be knocking the men dead in this.”

With a sigh, she gave in. The black skirt showed the top of her black thigh highs and the straps of a garter belt.

“The heels will have to do, although they’re not what I would have picked. Now, let me think,” Kiyah said, eyes going up and down her form. As if hit by lightning, she went for Jazmines bag, pulling out her lavender dress shirt and holding it out expectantly.


“Trust me?”

Jazmine nodded and took the shirt, tugging it on and beginning to button it up. Kiyah shook her head, pulling her hands away so that it was left open.

“You look amazing,” Kiyah breathed, grinning like a cat.

Taking a quick glance in the mirror, Jazmine had to admit, she did look good.

But before she could admire herself further, Kiyah had the door to their hotel suite open and was ushering her out into the hall.

“The Lyft driver arrived downstairs minutes ago. Hopefully he’s still there.” Kiyah took Jazmines phone and small wallet, and with hers she shoved them into her bra casually. Jazmine watched stupefied, as her friend adjusted her bra.



“My phone-“

“I’ll notice if it rings, no worries,” Kiyah laughed.

Thirty floors down, both ladies exited the elevator into the lobby. Kiyah lead the way with sass in her step while Jazmine followed a bit behind trying not to fall over in her heels. Kiyah seemed to enthusiastic about their destination, and her stomach was beginning to develop butterflies. Surprisingly the Lyft driver was still out front waiting, and pulled off from the curb to their destination once they were settled in.

“Kiyah, where are we going?” Jazmine demanded for the hundredth time since leaving their apartment complex two days before.

“You’ll see. I’ve never been, but I’ve heard of it,” Kiyah said barely above a whisper as if she was afraid she would shout her excitement. Feeling even more nervous, Jazmine fidgeted and worried her lower lip in agitation as the car sped along the road. They didn’t go very far and were still in a decent part of town, but the building they stopped in front of looked almost like a vacant warehouse.

More worried about where they were going, Jazmine stepped out of the car and followed her friend hesitantly. The door was painted a vivid red.

“Ready?” Kiyah asked in a breathless whisper.

Jazmine took a deep breath and took her friends hand, giving it a squeeze. Kiyah knocked on the red door with her fist and waited. The red door swung open and they stared, shocked at the sight of the large bouncer guarding the door.

“Lust transforms the king into a slave,” Kiyah breathed. The bouncer nodded and stepped aside, revealing a long dark hallway. Thumps and thuds echoed from loud music playing.

A sense of excitement overtook her as they began their walk. Obviously this place was a secret, and exclusive. As they got closer to the next door, the vibrations in the floor grew stronger. Kiyah inhaled shakily and gave her an excited grin.

She opened the door for Kiyah and stepped in behind her, surprised by the simplicity of the layout. A dance floor dominated most of the lower floor, and the lights above it flashed, washing it in a ton of colors. Music vibrated through the floor and made her toes tingle. On one wall was a bar, and another a lounge area with stairs leading to the second floor.

“Lets get a drink, and then do some dancing,” Kiyah suggested. A short, skinny white girl with pink hair and a flashing ring in her nose greeted them.

“What can I get for you lovely ladies?”

“Whats the house drink?” Kiyah asked.

“Cindy’s Aureola” The bartender answered with a smirk. Kiyah nodded enthusiastically and the girl turned, grabbing two shot glasses and began moving bottles on the shelves with surprising speed as she poured. The only one Jazmine caught sight of, was the Peach Schnapps bottle. It wasn’t a terrible liquor, so she didn’t worry as the woman poured the drinks.

However she did worry when the woman leaned forward against the counter, her full breast pushed up by the wood as she put a shot glass between her breasts.

Kiyah didn’t even hesitate as she dipped her head to the woman’s exposed cleavage and wrapped her lips around the shot glass, bringing her head up and back quickly. Her hand came up and took the glass away and she inhaled deeply, then smiled as if she’d won the lottery.

“Your turn sweetheart,” The bartender said, smiling as she moved down the bar a foot and arranged herself again, the shot glass between her breasts.

Jazmine tensed. A thousand things that could go wrong flew through her mind and she almost chose to decline.

“Come on Jaz, it’s just a shot,” Kiyah laughed.

Nervously, she leaned forward and wrapped her lips around the shot glass and repeated Kiyahs motions, trying not to sputter when something much stronger than alcohol burned her throat. Swallowing as quickly as she could, she moved the glass away and inhaled sharply, the liquor still burning her throat.

“See?” Kiyah laughed more, over the music.

It wasn’t that bad, actually. And only having the heart to admit it to herself, it was fun and she wouldn’t mind doing it again.

“That’s for all the first timers,” Cindy laughed. “Now that your cherries have been popped, what’ll you have?”

“Whatever you suggest!” Kiyah shouted over the music. The grinning bartender grabbed two clean shot glasses and tipped more bottles with dizzying speed before sliding them across the counter.

“What is it?” Kiyah asked.

“Feelin’ Lucky,” The bartender laughed.

“To having a good time,” Kiyah cheered, toasting Jazmine’s raised shot glass before throwing it back. Jazmine did the same, feeling the liquor burn.

“You ladies feelin’ brave?” The bartender asked.

“Always,” Kiyah boasted. Jazmine had thoughts of shooting her friend.

“I got something for ya,” the bartender said, grabbing two tumblers and then juggling several bottles as she filled them halfway. Her smile as she slid them across the bar raised an alarm in Jazmines mind.

“Shoot these back.”

“What are they?” Jazmine demanded this time, noticing Kiyah already had the glass halfway to her lips.


“Bottoms up Jazmine!” Kiyah shouted over the music.

Wondering what was worse, getting drunk in a club she had never been to, or getting drunk with her best friend in front of people wearing nothing but an itty bitty skirt.

She threw the glass back, anyways.

It tasted fruity. And it burned the minuet she inhaled. Gasping for breath she turned to Kiyah who was smiling cheekily. Kiyah pulled a wad of cash from her bra and placed it on the bar.

“Lets go dance!” Kiyah shouted, turning around and taking her hand to pull her towards the dance floor. Several other people were already dancing, all of them either wearing some sort of dark or shiny leather, and some wearing next to nothing.

Feeling self conscious and oddly overdressed, she fumbled next to Kiyah, who was moving her hips sinuously.

“Let loose, enjoy!” Kiyah shouted in her ear over the music. Her blood warmed in the crush of people and she began moving.

At first she felt awkward and out of place. Kiyah grabbed her hips and moved against her as if trying to bring her out of her shell. Eventually she noticed that no one was staring, or laughing, so little by little she began to relax.

Music thrummed through her, heavy and thudding, pulsing with her blood as it pumped through her body. She couldn’t quite make out the words but it sounded suggestive.

Kiyah’s hands were pulling her closer, and she was moving against her friends body. Every nerve was coming alive, hot as the alcohol filtered into her bloodstream, her head becoming lightheaded with each gasped breath as she put her arms over her head and moved her curvy hips. The air was thick and smelled of sweat and musk, making her dizzy as she felt Kiyah grind against her.

Her flesh hummed with sensitivity as Kiyah’s hands traveled up her sides and arms until their hands were linked. Her breasts pressed into her own. In the flashing lights, Kiyah’s eyes were bright and focused.

Despite the bra she wore, she could fee Kiya’s nipples, and could feel her own hardening as their bodies slid against one another. A low moan came out as Kiyah’s hands came back down, slid over her back and rested on her hips before the delicate hands of her own moved below Kiyah’s shirt to rest on the bare skin of her waist.

Leaning in for a kiss, Kiyah was almost amazed that it was Jazmine who made such a bold move. In fact she was sure that the woman probably didn’t even notice what she did, so caught up in her drink and their dancing.

Jazmine smiled shyly but pulled her best friend close and kissed her again. Kiyah was estatic. She responded enthusiastically. The kiss was thrilling, soft, hot, and wet. It wasn’t the clumsy, awkward kiss they had shared when in college. Kiyah’s tongue slid over her own and explored the depths of her mouth, tangled with her tongue as a moan vibrated on their lips. Long black hair was soft in her fingers as she pulled Kiyah closer. Heat fanned into flames that exploded in her belly.

When Kiyah pulled back, her lips were wet with moisture, and her eyes glazed over as she drug Jazmine over to the lounge area. Stumbling behind, Jazmine looked around and saw other couples of all race and orientation, kissing passionately and locked in embraces. There was only one chair left, and Kiyah sat, pulling her down into her lap.

The phone was put in front of her, and in a daze she realized her fiancé, Maxwell, was calling. Taking it from Kiyah’s hand she put it to her ear and waited, only to moan just as he answered, courtesy of Kiyah’s lips dusting lightly over her neck.

“Jazmine?” An amused voice asked. “What are you up to?”

“Ask him if I can play with you,” Kiyah demanded as her tongue swiped over her already sensitive flesh. Biting back another unexpected moan, Jazmine was trying to form words on a thick tongue when his laughter rang through the phone.

“Her hands and lips must stay above your waist, Jazmine, and yours may go no lower than hers,” He said, voice clear despite the loud music. “Tell her what the rules are, now.

“There’s rules,” Jazmine gasped as Kiyah nuzzled her neck, breath hot on the sensitive hollow.

“What are they?” Kiyah purred, tongue swiping out again to punctuate her question.

Jazmine repeated her fiancé’s rules for them both. Kiyah made a miffed sound and she could feel her lips pouting against her neck.

“Fine. I agree,” Kiyah said, giving her chin kisses.

“Good,” Maxwell rumbled into the phone, obviously hearing the agreement. “Her husband also agrees with the terms. Have a good time baby.”

She couldn’t help but shiver at the pleased sound of his tone, or the feel of her friend pulling at her dress shirt, trying to pull it off.

“Night lover.”

“Goodnight, baby.”


Immediately the phone disappeared from her hand and went right back into the depths of Kiyah’s cleavage as her over shirt was coming off exposing more skin. The music changed, becoming more smoky, and sensual. It felt like it was a spiral she was following down into, like a some deep dark place.

Kiyah’s hands were under the bottom of her shirt, moving over the soft skin of her belly. A slick tongue was moving along her shoulder before teeth nipped at her shoulder. A sharp cry rang out, cutting through the music startling her. She turned to the noise, and saw a man and a woman getting up, the woman with long hair that was currently tangled in the mans hand as he pushed to bend her over one of the small tables.

Leather shorts came down with surprising efficiency, baring tanned athletic legs and an equally tanned bubble ass.

“Kiyah,” Jazmine breathed, shuddering as her friends hands moved higher, cupping her breasts through her lacy bra.

“I’ve never seen a couple fuck in public before,” Kiyah breathed excitedly, nuzzling her neck.

They weren’t really going to-right there? In front of everyone?!

But the man was unzipping his fly and positioning himself, intentions clear. Hands tangled in hair again, drawing the woman’s head back at a sharp angle. Something was growled, too low for her to make out the words over the music, but her eyes were trained on the man’s thick dick resting against the woman’s ass cheek. Another sharp cry pierced through the sound of the music and Kiyah’s fingers pinched her nipples, twisted them through the lace making her arch and cry out.

They were not the only ones engaging in more obvious activities. Jazmine saw someone kneeling, with their head between a woman’s legs, and another man was standing nearby stroking his exposed dick watching the scene.

“How wet are you?” Kiyah breathed in her ear as one hand left her breast and pulled up her skirt, hiking it until it crumpled around her upper thighs, exposing the dark lace underwear and garter belt straps.

A low guttural moan, too low and male to be her own, erupted, and her eyes were fixed on the sight of the couple again, as the man penetrated his partner, sliding into the her in one slow smooth stroke. His hand was still tangled in her hair pulling her head back and stretching her throat. The woman’s teeth were gritted and it looked almost as if she were in pain as the man pushed deeper, more of his dick disappearing from view.

Jazmine’s hand slipped down to the black lace of her panties and she found the fabric soaked as she pressed against her mound with her fingers.

Kiyah pushed her shirt up and tugged one cup of her bra down, exposing her breast to everyone.

“So wet,” Jazmine finally answered, fingers rubbing her sex through her panties.

“Fuck they’re so hot,” Kiyah breathed. Jazmine could feel her friends arm moving, and could tell that Kiyah was eagerly moving her hand over her own cunt as the couple picked up their pace. The sounds of flesh slapping together echoed through the music, their moans and cries only teasing at the darkness in her spiraled.

Ignoring that she was in a club, and that there were dozens of people around her, she slipped her hand inside her panties, shivering as her fingers made contact with warm slick flesh.

It wasn’t sweet or gentle in the least. The couple crashed against each other in frantic, hard thrusts. Muscled flexed as she watched the man bend over his partner and nip savagely at the woman’s flesh, pulling at it. The cry that rang out made her wetter, and made her cunt throb as she imagined that nip ringing through her. Kiyah twisted her nipple visciously, but in her half delirious mind of lust she moaned and panted for more.

The man drew back, his hands sliding sensually down the woman’s back before settling on her hips and pulling her back. The woman was crying out, face a mask of ecstasy as she was jerked against her man again and again. Something strange fluttered in Jazmine’s field of vision then and she looked to the side where a whole nother’ man was stroking his dick in time with the couple’s thrusts. Jazmine needing something, anything to penetrate her, to fill the aching emptiness, she slipped first one finger, than two into herself, and ground her palm against her clit as Kiyah writhed beneath her.

Leaning forward she was stopped from falling completely forward by Kiyah’s hand squeezing her breast and keeping her upright as she curled her fingers inside herself. The couple began bucking harder, if that was even possible, as their shouts echoed through the room and over the music as they simultaneously came together.

“Turn around and face me,” Kiyah whimpered, moving her. The sudden movement stunned her and pushed the tendrils of orgasm away. Dazed from the sudden change, Jazmine got up and turned, allowing Kiyah to tug her forward.

“Legs on the arms.”

Jazmine straddled the chair, letting her legs spread over the arms of the chair, exposing her soaked panties and breasts to her friend, who immediately pulled her down into another kiss. She could feel a hand between them, and knew what Kiyah was doing. This was more than what they had shared before, and she knew that something was changing.

But she didn’t care. She was focused on her friends lips, soft and so different from a man’s on hers. With her own hand, she slipped her panties to the side and slipped over slick flesh. The outside world was a thrumming, pulsing beat in time with her heart as she pushed her fingers inside of herself. Gasping for breath when Kiyah finally pulled away, her inhale turned into a throaty moan as lips closed over her exposed nipple. Teeth scraped over the hard nub, sending a delicious shudder through her.

Her other breast was exposed, the bra completely pulled down as Kiyah palmed it, pinched her nipple, licked and sucked while pleasuring herself with her own hand as well. Moans vibrated over Jazmine’s nipple as the tightness in both of their pussy’s contracted even more, pulling them deeper into a mind of pure sensation. Jazmine’s free hand tangled in Kiyah’s hair and pulled her closer as her orgasm encircled her, suffocating her, wrenching a cry from her throat that was foreign to her ears.

Kiyah bucked beneath her, and pulled back from her breast as her cry rang out over the music.

Boneless and limp, Jazmine sagged forward and buried her face in Kiyah’s neck as she gasped for breath. Their chest dragged in deep lungfuls of air, rising and falling in with one another. Sweat slicked skin salted each inhale as Kiyah trembled beneath her.

Awareness did not fully comeback, not when Kiyah helped her get off of the chair, or when she straightened her clothing. The lavender shirt was forgotten as they leaned against one another for support, hands clasped and tumbling to the door in wordless agreement. Jazmine didn’t think about how lucky they were to catch one of the two idling cabs outside of the club as they almost fell into the back seat. Kiyah gave them the address for the hotel and she curled into her friends warmth, both ladies lost in a euphoric daze.

When they got to their room, Jazmine didn’t find it strange that when she stripped and crawled into bed, Kiyah joined her. If anything she was floating somewhere above the world, only aware of her friends arm going over her waist as they closed their eyes and drifted to sleep.


The next morning came with the abrupt shriek of the room’s alarm clock. Groaning, she reached blindly towards the noise and thumped her hand repeatedly til she was able to shut it off. She blinked sleepily and shifted. Immediately she remembered last night and that she was still pressed intimately to her best friend.

Last night she’d sort of…what? Slept with her best friend? Another woman? What they had done…obviously was more than just kiss and masturbate in the same room. That they had done it in a club, in front of strangers, wasn’t even as important as the fact that she had done something with another woman, or that she enjoyed it.

“Morning,” Kiyah greeted, eyes opening blearily.

“Good morning,” she greeted right back.

Several minutes of awkward silence made the hotel suite seem much larger than it already was.

“Last night happened, didn’t it?” Kiyah’s voice was both afraid and hopeful, and Jazmine fought the initial urge to flinch. It had happened, and despite its strangeness in the light of day, she couldn’t, she wouldn’t, freak out and hurt her friend that way. They’d both done it and never tried to stop it.

Which meant at some point in the near future, she needed to take a look at what she thought her sexual preferences had been. Because there had been a sense of wanting to do more, and that should have frightened her. However, given her interesting relationship with Maxwell and the activities he’s introduced her to, it didn’t frighten her. It only made her…Lord help her, curious?

“It did,” Jazmine then admitted.

“I never thought we’d do something like that,” Kiyah admitted.

“I thought you’d been with other women.”

“I have, but never thought with you, I mean, it wasn’t weird or bad. Just surreal.”

Kiyah’s own inability to name what happened reflected her own feelings.

“We won’t be weird now, will we?” Fear and hope, again, laced Kiyah’s voice.

“I don’t think so,” Jazmine admitted. “It wasn’t bad, just new.” She smiled.

“It gets easier. And you came really loudly, so I think its safe to say you enjoyed it,” Kiyah teased, a grin lighting her features as she relaxed.

“I’m turning into a pervert just like you,” Jazmine groused good naturedly, letting Kiyah snuggle into her warmth.

“Its always the quiet ones,” Kiyah snickered.

Huffing, Jazmine grabbed one of the pillows and pushed it over her friends head, laughing when the other woman wriggled away. Kiyah shrieked loudly and scrambled for one of the pillows and soon they were engaged in an all out pillow fight that ended with both of them breathless and laughing next to each other on the bed.

“Its been so long since we’ve been like this,” Kiyah sighed happily. “I’ve missed it. Why’d we stop?”

“I think we both became involved in our careers. We let it take over, and our men…..” Jazmine admitted.

Kiyah was quiet for several moments before rolling over and throwing an arm around Jazmines waist. The embrace was gentle, but solid, and Kiyah bumped her forehead against her own.

“When I started experimenting with Joseph, I felt so lost, because I wanted to tell you, but I didn’t know how. I started pulling away, terrified that I’d let something slip and lose you. For awhile, things felt really superficial. I’m sorry.”

“Promise it won’t happen again?” Jazmine asked, hugging her friend.

“Promise,” she agreed.


Returning home came with a grateful sigh. Her and Kiyah had forgone sleeping alone in favor of hanging out at night and openly discussing almost everything and then passing out in a friendly cuddle. Fantasies, ideas, and old memories came pouring out. For the first time in years she felt connected to her friend again, and it had been like being college, only they were both more open about themselves, and while Kiyah had admitted to things that made her feel like a novice sexually, she had in turn shocked her friend with the erotic things she and Maxwell were doing.

But now that she was in the taxi, on her way back to her apartment, every thought was centered on her fiancé and seeing him. Kiyah held her hand and they both smiled anxiously, eager to get home. When they burst out of the taxi, both of them were laughing and threw themselves into the lobby as they ran for the elevator like children.

Kiyah shouted out her goodbye as the doors closed again and once they reopened on her floor, she ran for her front door. She fumbled with her keys, hoping her fiancé was home. But when she stumbled in and the apartment was dark, she realized she was alone.

Feeling her excitement plummet into disappointment, she dropped her suitcase by the door and walked over to her couch. Drearily she removed her clothing and jewelry before drawing herself a shower. After, she climbed into bed, not feeling up to eating. His absence burned and made her want to cry for some reason, but she assured herself that she was being silly and kept her tears in check.

The red digits on her clock changed and she watched them hugging herself, willing herself to sleep. When the bed next to her shifted, it startled her and she almost shot off the mattress when she turned and saw the shadows lifting the blanket.

“My presence was demanded at a charity event tonight,” Maxwell whispered softly, pulling her close. “I’m sorry I’m late.”

She clung to him and pressed her body into his. “I missed you, so much” She admitted.

“I missed you too.”

Despite her exhaustion, she moved against him, needing the comfort of completion. He was gentle and demanded nothing, instead moving over her and into her, beginning to slowly rock back and forth. Their lips met in the darkness, and they exchanged breaths and moans and gasps and whispered of words that jumbled together in senselessness. Tangled and sweaty, they fell asleep still connected, bodies giving in to exhaustion.

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