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Sexual Fantasies...Let Your Mind Be Your Guide Heaux!

"Where do you heaux when your mind wanders? How is your subconscious telling you it wants to get fucked?"

Whenever I ask people this, particularly women, I am always surprised by the embarrassed energy I receive in response back. People are really out in these streets with their own personalized Porn Hub episodes in their head and are afraid to talk about them and act them out?

Make it make sense.

So the thing is this. We're grown. We're sexual. We have desires. We also have the capacity and imagination to make them happen. This is what hedonism is about. Like I explained in last month's podcast episode, to be a hedonist is to pursue your passions...whatever the fawk they look like. I think we get so caught up in what we think society will say and how people may judge us. The first rule to hedonism is recognizing that this is YOUR life and YOUR sexual autonomy. Once this is understood, everything else will fall into place. This is because once you understand the value of your lifetime and how there are no second chances, you will seize every one that comes your way.

Sexual fantasies are definitely top tier on that list. Click the link below to read more about sexual fantasies and what the fawk you should do about it.

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