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Sex Questions to Ask Your Partner

Hellll-Heaux! Happy Friday!

So many times I hear sisters ask me what questions to ask on a first date. However, I don't feel the questions should end on the first date. As a mercury ruled sun sign and communication sign; healthy, sound and concise communication is key to be with me.

I hate to not know. Absolutely abhor it. Will not stand it. I overthink too much as it is. You will put some respect on these Virgo placements! You get to a certain age and your peace requirements turn into suitor deal breakers. Big sis ain't dealing with unnecessary headache at the tender age of 36, when she done already earned her stripes. Naw.

I do feel as though some of my sisters pussyfoot (all pun intended) around questions that really need to be asked. Yes, it's cool to ask their favorite color but heaux, ain't there more pressing shit that you would like to know?

Don't stop asking questions and for fawks sake, stop being AFRAID to ask the shit you wanna know! Listen to me: a nigga/heaux who is really into you don't mind telling you everything about themselves because they have done their healing work, come with no games, and value their time as well. Now this ain't to say to ask them shit left field that disrespect boundaries but you can certainly ask questions that cater to your list of requirements and/or red flags.

I came across this cool article on sex questions to ask your partner. I thought the majority of them were pretty damn good and to their point. PLUS, they are mainly open ended questions, which are questions that leave the conversation open to rich disclosures as they drape your question in a way that requires more than a "yes" or "no" response.

Click on the link below and get some ideas. Just because we in a pandemic, it don't mean that you slack on your pimpin bew.

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