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Nikkie’s Nickels: Muhfuckin Tide of Insensitivity To Black Women

I had to take a break from social media today and woosah.

Every once in a while, a topic or situation comes up where people show not only their asses but also their ideologies on certain shit. I am always befuddled at the hypocrisy, ignorance, and blatant disdain for shit that makes me shake my head.

Ok so let’s talk about this time at the rodeo.

We‘ve all seen (or heard about) the slap heard round the world between Will Smith & Chris Rock when Chris thought it was cute to stand on national TV and clown a (Black) woman in front of her husband.

Initially, I first saw it on my Explore Page last night (I’m not really a TV watcher). I saw the reel of the slap first and thought the two actors were simply playing around. I didn’t catch the context of the slap until one of my homegirl hipped me to it shortly after. Upon watching the entire interaction from Chris making the joke to Will walking back to his seat wishing a motherfawking WOOD before telling Chris to keep his wife’s name out his ”fucking mouth!”; I saw absolutely nothing wrong and concluded that justice was served.

Especially after running the clip back and zooming in on Jada’s face which said it all.

As a Black woman, I know the true feeling behind the face she made. Particularly as a fellow Virgo woman who grew up being conditioned to stay cool and (try to) keep a poker face. It was a look of triggering pain, unwanted spotlight attention, and embarrassment mixed with the familiar push to put on a strong face and keep your head held high.

Again, I saw absolutely nothing wrong with Chris Rock getting the 5 fingers to the face. Instead I applauded Will for letting a nigga know on SIGHT/SITE that them games ain’t to be played. I also breathed a sigh of relief to see a Black woman being stood up for which is a sight not commonly seen or experienced in these ghetto ass streets. I figured that was that on that.

Until today.

Came onto social media to a frenzy regarding yesterday’s fiasco. Everyone was weighing in and narratives were flying left and right. Everything from Will “embarassing us” in front of white folk (sigh) to Chris being a “better man” than them for not retaliating on Will. I even saw white folk weighing in on the scandal with their recycled cookout plates serving as Plus 1s to gain them entrance into our koolaid.

But the thing that incensed me the most was watching people (who look just like me!) bicker and tear down Jada’s character as a means to discredit her right to be protected and advocated for by HER husband.

Where the fawk is the “Protect Black Women“ committee? The “Black woman is God” gang? The “I am my sister’s keeper” ministry?

Baby, they were on social media foaming at the mouth.

So much attack on this woman who was literally sitting in her seat, minding her fucking business when a national spotlight was put on her to demean and embarrass her for a medical condition beyond her control. Oh, and from a Black man who should be protecting her honor but has instead used this opportunity to get in some cheap laughs at her self esteem’s expense.

Yes, it’s THAT serious. Let’s call a spade a spade 😐

Idgaf if it were a “joke” or something trivial that was written for Chris to read off the teleprompter.

The point is: What the fuck was the cost? A Black woman’s feelings. And if Chris Rock’s raggedy ass was reading the shit from a teleprompter, once his eyes landed on that “joke”, he should have made a morale decision to not go down that road.

THAT is what honoring the Black woman is about.

And while we’re here, let’s gone head and crack open this “honor” that everyone seems to feel Jada is lacking (which makes her subsequently ineligible for protection-and from her own husband at that).

First off, we don’t know the dynamics and understanding of as well as in their marriage (although it has been reported that they are in an open marriage. Key word: OPEN). Second, we don’t know what WILL has put Jada through (although she has spoken on his indiscretions). Third, we don’t know the understanding they have in their union. Lastly, none of the above matters.

It‘s so interesting to me how Black women show up in droves to defend and stand up for Black men, sight unseen! But when it’s our turn, we have to pass a morale test. We have to be viewed a certain way to the public. Regardless of the fact that we are being disrespected and debased unproked and unsolicited.

Even worse, the ones most vicious in these purity trials are people who look just like us: the men who should be reciprocating our unconditional protective energy and the Heaux ass women playing treason with their nonexistent allegiance to their (Black) womanhood.

IDGAF if Jada was pussy popping and selling fruit cocktail across 110th street, that doesn’t justify being picked on and ridiculed (again:unprovoked) on national tv…and by a Black man.

IDGAF what people feel about what she’s “done to Will“ (like the man is a fucking prisoner or something), you out your rabbit ass mind to think ANY man worth their grain of salt is goin sit and watch you VISIBLY upset his wife and laugh along with the crowd at her.

Do you know how that shit sounds??

Again, this shit showed me that a lot of people talk this protect Black woman shit but they don’t really mean it. OR, they may be lukewarm about it as there’s levels to how far they deem protection to be necessary.

Yeah ok.

And another thing, folk were talking about how Will didn’t need to “do all that” and he “took it too far”. Excuse me? You’d think that he and the goons took Chris out back, broke his knee caps, and made him an offer he couldn’t refuse.

He got slapped silly. Dats it. I personally know of people who have had worse shit done to them for less. There are no regulations when you out here talking brolic about someone’s wife. Again, IDGAF what the public thinks about her and their dealings, at the end of the day that’s still HIS wife and clearly he still loves her enough to still be with her, invite her as his guest for the awards, and literally slap the taste out a nigga’s mouth for thinking shit was sweet.

I think so many of us are (a) not understanding how deep respect/being on code means in our community (we are always the first to exploit ourselves for the entertainment of others-particularly Black women) and (b) aren’t used to seeing Black women actually being protected by any means necessary so anything above a turned cheek is outrage and overkill.

IDK, I’m just wired different and was brought up to honor community. Its heartbreaking to not see it reciprocated. It’s devastating to see some of our men and fellow women attempt to instill a hierarchy when it comes to respect. Protect Black women my ass.

Yeah, today I was .38 hot.

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