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Nikkie’s Morning Werd ☀️

Happy Saturday!

In case you didn’t receive the notificatio, today’s Nikkie’s Morning Werd is located on our Podcast page.

Sis gave you a whole ass new podcast...cause I’m tide of waiting for them to upload in the morning.


How cool is it to get daily morning werds from yours truly that are aimed at putting pep in ya pussy’s step?! 🥰 I said I’d keep them 2-3 minutes but I’ve been staying between 15-20 minutes 😩 Baby, a Virgo always goin over give 😭 Let me know if y’all want me to cut back on my time. Also, let me know if it’s easier to view them there.

So again, Today’s Nikkie’s Morning Werd is located on our podcast page at the bottom for your listening & viewing pleasures. Today we are discussing putting value on ya ass and pussy and I’m shooting straight from the hip per usual! All the things Mama never discussed with you

& what you wished Big Sis shared with you.

You can also access by clicking this link:

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