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New Moon. New Heaux. Who Dis?

It's a New Moon in Virgo and you know what the fawk that means: cutting heauxs off, having no tolerance for the bullshit, making room for the new shit, and being razor sharp with your attention to detail and what the fawk you want out of life. Bihhhh it's time for Sasha Fierce, King of Pop, and the Mamba Mentality to come out of your spirit on these heauxs and I'm gonna give you some Virgo tips and tricks to put the pep back in your pussy's step!

Leave the Past In the Past!

So lewk. In order for you to receive and step into your new blessings, you gotta leave that old shit behind. This means outdated beliefs, habits that got you fawked, people who have you fawked up and even the old version of you who has you fawked up. I cannot stress this shit enough. How do you expect to move in new blessings into a home that still holds onto dank energy that is full of sabotage?

Anger, disappointment, animosity, and hurt? All that shit has to go. Release it at once. Create space for it's replacements at once. In true virgo spirit, you cannot feel any way about letting go of shit that no longer serves you and you need to stand in that shit. Let these heauxs know that its a new fawking day. Bihhh, look in the mirror and let YOU know that it's a new day.

Envision the type of life you want to live and what space you wish to dwell in. Then start thinking about all the energies that cannot be present for you to be THAT person. This will serve as your blueprint for the shit that must go. If you need to make a list and check that bitch twice...heaux do that. No one is stopping you from living your best life but YOU.

Mother Yourself.

Virgos are the maidens and caregivers of the zodiac. They are also the sign of servitude. However, many virgos fall victim to self-sacrifice because they fail to love on themselves as they roam these streets being Mother Theresa (also a Virgo) to any and everyone else. During this New Moon in Virgo, mother yourself. Clear up stagnated energy that has held you in bondage from your past-particularly your childhood. This is also a great time to cut cords and cleanse yourself of energies from fawk boy/gyal past. Take advantage of the earthy energy by grounding yourself outside, taking a spiritual bath with your favorite flowers, or steaming that pwussy to purge it of all energies that no longer resonate with the partner you are attempting to attract and who you want to be. Gotdammit, use this energy to give your mind, body, and soul a good purging through the use of botanicals.

Get On Your Eye of the Tiger Heaux

In the energy of Sasha Fierce, it's time to let that inner fierce heaux shine. If you gotta get an alter ego to separate yourself from the monotony, create her. If you are a shy girl or someone who doesn't always advocate for themselves or can be a pushover, it's definitely time to get an alter ego. Someone who you can transform into when you start feeling your self-sabotage creeping in. Whatever you gotta do, it's time to get confident. It's time to get determined. It's time to get focused and have that laser sharp focus on the goals and life we spoke about in the paragraph before. Figure out what your Mamba Mentality is and tap into that. Get on your grind heaux. Create some IDGAF Boundaries and STICK TO THEM!

Speak Your Fawking Mind & Say It With Your Chest!

Baby, find your voice and don't lose it again. One thang about Virgo energy, it's goin state the facts and not give af about a heaux's opinion on it. Baby, you gotta speak YOUR peace-even if it leaves some heauxs in pieces.

Fawk them. They will live. And if they don't, let them die on their on fawking dime. You've got goals to slay. If you are having issues with finding your voice, carry you some lapiz lazuli crystal around with you to assist in opening that throat chakra thee fawk up. Stand up for yourself. Believe in yourself. Understand that you are THAT girl and show up as her. Advocate for yourself and stop taking shit. Get firm about your boundaries-and still stop taking shit.

Be a Private Heaux

It's time to start tapping into keeping people the fawk outta your business. Virgo energy is private. We don't like heauxs in our business and we don't give heauxs reasons to THINK they know what the fawk we got going on.

With the energy that you are creating space for new energy and stepping into your next chapter, you must minimize the evil eyes that don't wanna see you accomplish what you are making room and elevating for. Everybody don't need to know your next move-particularly if their raggedy ass ain't movinf with you or funding said move. Where they do that at? Not Virgo season, that's for damn sure.

So now is the time to go into hermit mode with your new ideas, desires, and future. People will see it with "everybody else" as they should-because again, they aren't participating or funding your new moves. Stop telling people your plans, what you wanna do, and step by step of how you goin do it. Beyonce don't tell us when she's dropping an album or going on tour. Nope, just one day we look up and we finding out alongside everybody else on social media and heauxs just start getting into formation. People can't attack what they don't have intel on. Memba' mi tell yuh dis.

Now get yo ass out there and elevate!

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