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Monday Motivation: How To Move Thee Fawk On

Spring is finally here!


We can finally begin chucking the deuces to cold weather, long ass night, seasonal depression, and any residual dead leaves that we should have shed during Fall but somehow managed to drag into winter.

However, the beauty of divine timing is: it will MAKE the time to carry out the shit you fail to find the time to complete. A lot of times when it gets to this point, it has to create a point of no return. Sometimes shit pops off so out of left field and folk seem to really hurt you. Either way, a break results and you are finally removed from the energies that cannot go into this new season of abundance with you.

While doing the general readings for the collectives and even speaking to a lot of friends/loved ones, there seems to be a mass exodus of people, places, and things being removed from our lives. We are experiencing detachments and severing of ties. While this may be for our highest good, it still doesn’t take the sting out of experiencing it.

In addition to this, familiarity is comfort. Believe it or not, a lot of people will stay in situations and with people not for their highest good (and they know it) due to them being comfortable with their evil. This is particularly true if they have been conditioned to be accepting of fucked up behavior. No one talks about the road from leaving connections that no longer serve us to create space for things that do-and without self sabotage.


Well we goin discuss that shit today. Spring is here and I need y’all ready and spruced up to receive all of the abundance meant for you. But first you gotta let go of the shit that weighing you down. Let’s chat about tips to help you get over a break up.


1. It’s a loss. It’s totally fine to treat it as such.

A loss is a loss. Especially a loss without an actual death. When navigating through a breakup, in essence you are releasing someone you care for deeply and detaching from the idea of a future you once envisioned. In a flash, you transition from being used to someone’s energy in your daily routine to missing them suddenly and experiencing pangs of grief and sadness over this loss.

There is no way around this. You must allow yourself to face this grief and allow it space to allow its storm to pass. Ignoring, suppressing, and lying to yourself about your feelings and the vulnerability that comes from it, does nothing but set you back. It presses Pause on your growth and also makes the universe withhold blessings as you aren’t moving from a space where you can begin to receive them.

So cry. Scream. Speak out your feelings. Get that shit out of you. Allow yourself to release any and all energy that relates to this connection you are attempting to get over. But don’t just dwell on the pain. Take time to remember the good times, accept and celebrate them for what they were, and allow yourself to cry over it all.

2. Don’t blame yourself (unless your ass is to blame).

The first thing that many of us do after a break up is tear ourselves down and obsess over what we did wrong and how we could have stopped this from having. This is usually an after effect of the shock and is typically our attempt to gain control back from a plight that we feel we are losing our grasp on.

Baby if you don’t stop all of that foolishness and let that shit go.

Breakups aren’t always about “right and wrong”. Sometimes it’s about cycles closing and chapters beginning. However, it’s easy to get caught up into the trap of seeing your breaking as a “failure”. Maybe even a bad person who can‘t successfully keep a relationship.


It’s normal to feel guilty or angry but you must also understand that neither of you were perfect. If you broke up with them, or they broke up with you, you need to comprehend that despite the reasons you may list, what ultimately leads to a breakup is incompatibility-and THAT’S all that matters bew.

3. Switch shit up and get a new routine

You’re a new person in a new chapter. With this being said, it’s time for some new shit. New moves will also assist you with breaking up the monotony of your old life with