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Monday Motivation

Gooooooodt morning!

We are coming off of a New Moon in Pisces and baby the theme is:

Moving thee fawk on and upwards to your next level

Moving on and transitioning is the name of the game. Cycles are closing and new doors are opening. We can’t take shit with us that hasn’t ascended with us. This means them heaux ass friends, family….and yes, some of these partners who ain’t worth a damn.

When you refuse to do so. Guess what? You slam the door on your ascension AND you accept a first class ticket to the hell and strife you’re due staying in that space. If you’re still entertaining folk who mean you no good and are in their own karmic hell (that the universe was trying to remove you from), YOU goin be in that same hell with them cause your azz insists on being ride or die.

And baby, you goin die alright. The person you were meant to be. The cycle you were meant to upgrade into…will dry up right in front of you because YOU made a choice to take on someone else’s karmic debt when your spirit team has already excused your absence.

I mean make it make sense.

Cause it don’t! And never will!

You’ve got some decisions to make and cuts to take and you can’t be pussyfooting and bullshitting YOUR future.

Cause you’ve got shit to do bew. The choice is yours.

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