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Let's Talk About Intimacy...

So many times I see people mistaking intimacy for sex(ual intercourse) and vice versa. The reality is that they are two totally different entities that exist on their on energetic plains.

Sex(ual intercourse) in a nutshell is the physical contact between genitalia ( or genitalia and mouths) while intimacy is something that can be achieved without the need of such contact-but the benefits are just as astronomical.

Intimacy is acts or forms of expression that speak to closeness and feelings for another person. These forms can come in anything from body massages to sharing a sweet gaze across a room filled with strangers. Many women have experienced orgasms solely through intimacy and feel fulfilled more. This is because intimacy is the articulation of closeness between two people. It has the propensity to grow over time and strengthen throughout the life of the relationship. Ever heard of the term "sapiosexual"? An individual who gets off on the intelligence of another person. Oh love, foreplay via intellectual conversation can be so amazing, you'll forget that sex is even also on the menu.

Sex is an avenue to build intimacy between two people. However, it should not be the only avenue utilized.

But before we go off on that tangent, let's gain an understanding of the various main forms of intimacy. Check out this amazing article that expands on the four forms of intimacy:

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