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Keys to the Bakery 🔑🍰💫: Photo Tips

You don’t have to have a perfect body to land the perfect nude.

Instead, you must have perfect angles.

Angles are your best friend. Not only do they add curves and texture to your nudes, they also provide depth and a POV lens that amps up the optical illusion of the photo. You don’t always have to show your face. You don’t always have to show your whole body. Explore with your body’s quadrants. Pay attention to the detail of your own body-particularly your best physical attributes. Photograph THAT. What is your lover’s favorite physical attribute of yours? What can they not keep their hands off of? Photograph THAT. Focus on THAT.

Keep your lens on that.

Speaking of lenses, sometimes intentionally crop your nudes before sending them to your lovers (keep a screenshot for your record). Maybe crop around your breasts and yoni area. Send the cropped photo to your lover and then tease them throughout the day with another and another, each time widening the crop until it’s back to the original photo that shows everything. Not only is this a tease, it builds up sexual tension and their gusto to tear your ass up when they see you.

I try to stay away from lights (I find them harsh and hate the glare) and embrace natural lighting instead. Natural lighting adds a touch of softness and femininity.

Next, let’s discuss hand placement. First, leave the body hang ups at the door sis. You’re beautiful. You are desirable. You that Heaux Cake! You must know that or it will show in your pics.

Sis-it will show in your pics 👏🏾

Don’t use your hand to “cover up” your love handles. Girl, FAWK them love handles! This will just draw attention to them because you’ll look awkward & uncomfortable and we want to be sexy-not uncomfortable.

So instead, gingerly drape your fingers over your stomach, lift one leg up or turn slightly on one hip (as shown in photo). Not only will this add curve to your physique and look more natural, it’ll also show a bonus treat: your assets. Especially for my lil booty Heaux cupcakes. Position your camera low on your to amp up that POV even more.

Trust me, when you throw that ass and thigh platter on their table, they ain’t goin give a fawk about anything else 😉

You got this bew 😘❤️

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