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How is Your Relationship With Self-Sabotage?

I smoked a blunt and proceeded to bust down SIX tacos before heading outside to do this swimwear shoot.

*All the while ignoring Spirit’s hand on my shoulder as she whispered: “Oh no baby, what is you doing 👋🏾🥺*

But baybeeeeee, that elevator ride down to the pool sobered a Heaux up real quick 🤏🏾

Now, old me would have probably put the shoot off for another day and went on an anxiety filled 24 hour liquid cleanse. Or, I would have went through with it and kicked my mental’s ass overthinking and self-loathing myself the entire time.

But nah new Nik is about softness, space to error, and total permission to deviate from an imaginary “code of purity and good conduct”. It‘s a peace treaty I made with my inner child a few moons ago.

So instead of self-sabotage, I chose the road to self-help. I refused to harp on the fact that I was looking like I was 15 months pregnant and giving Danny DeVito as Penguin on the first Batman. Instead, I decided to showcase and highlight my positives.

Beaides, them fucking authentic street tacos were worth it! When I’m in Mexico, every damn day is #TacoTuesday 🌮

So instead, I focused on showcasing my toned legs and arms. I used my long braids to silhouette my middle and directed my energy to my positives instead. I even used my coverup as a much needed and welcome prop to shield as needed. The result was a success.

The result was also a victory against self-sabotage.

So many times we solely focus on our “negatives” and totally give a big “Fuck You” to our many positives. I’m beginning to realize how disrespectful this is to the Creator and how much it aide’s in not only my starring role in self-sabotage where I rob myself of enjoying myself and/or creating magic but also unnecessary anxiety that I really don’t need.

Identifying where you assist in sabotaging your own experiences is key in living your best life. How many journeys have we cheated ourselves out of because we didn’t feel like we were our best? Or worse-we were adhering to a false ass sense of rules that zap the life out of us and re-victimizes our inner child?

How are you on your journey? How often do you find yourself self-sabotaging? How often do you deny yourself good experiences?

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