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Housekeeping 101

Let‘s gone head and get this out the way raaaaaaaat now!

It never fails. Every time I post a thick banging ass sister, heauxs will thunderkat dive in the comments to report on her pussy mileage, flaws (“but she need to get her teeth fixed”, “she couldn’t have got a better wig?”, “why she wear them shoes?”, “oooh sis need a fill in”), or proceed to violate all types of HIPPA laws blurting out “surgeries” from a medical chart that their raggedy asses ain’t even privy to.

And the punchline line?

On a women’s playground page that celebrates body positivity, women empowerment, sisterhood, heauxhood, autonomy of self, and total hedonism.

*Puts on glasses and shifts into psychoanalyst chair*

These women are extenuations of our sisters in struggle battling Pick Me Disorder. Whenever a beautiful woman is presented on a pedestal, ripe for attention, favor, and accolades...the “Humble Patrol” gets the signal in the air to swoop in and begin handing out infractions to make the woman less appealing and show that she has flaws regardless of how she’s looking now (read: “awww that bitch ain’t really shit, cause____).” This is particularly rampant in the company of other men who sis could be a threat for.

Moreover, the sightings of these women triggers their insecurities. Especially if she has something they are lacking (particularly the exact thing they are reporting Live on), this stirs up resentment to the attention that they are not getting for whatever sis is packing.

With this being said, their comments are simply assertions of how seeing sis has manifested the areas they are insecure in.

Women who know they are the shit and also have flaws and shit they wish they could change...but know they still the shit regardless, don’t do shit like this. Because they know there’s room for everyone and the pussy/body of another woman ain’t her concern.

Some of y’all heauxs Stan women’s empowerment, sexual prowess and body positivity-until it’s a threat to you. Heal that shit cause you ain’t goin do it here.

This is a safe place for sisters-PERIOD.

If you are offended or wanna PickMe-Splain or justify it: save it for YOUR therapist or your fellow sisters in the struggle. I said what the fawk i said.

Have a beautiful day.

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