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House Keeping 102

It's unfortunate that I have to post this disclaimer but the necessity is also a reality.

One of the boundaries that I set with myself in 2020 was to be more protective and no nonsense about my intellectual property. Since the beginning of building my brands and sharing my content with social media, I have watched people steal my shit like Aladdin, the Prince of Thieves. I have seen people try to infiltrate my spaces in hopes of learning my blueprints to copy and regurgitate them as their own under the guise of "networking". I have seen people literally take my words, ideas, and actual product/services and wrote them off as their own.

The copy machine stops here.

I don't want to hear shit about imitation being the highest form of flattery cause ain't shit flattering about putting your blood, sweat, tears, sleepless nights, and money into shit and having someone repackage the shit and pass it off as theirs-particularly a shoddy version of what you have created. I think that this saying is nothing but a gas-lighting tactic that people like to feed to creatives to minimize someone coming in and taking their shit. Again, ain't shit flattering about a heaux stealing from you and mimicking shit your shit.

Again, the copy machine stops here.

I carefully designed, crafted, and researched this venture. I carefully selected my writers and my content. I have invested a lot into this subscription membership for my heaux cakes. Per usual, I am bringing a one of a kind experience based off of my education, experiences, credentials, personality, and noggin-all of which I have earned on my own square without the need or desire to copy, steal, mimic, or cheapen the brand or experience of anyone else.

I will be afforded that same respect. If not, I have absolutely no problem seeking legal action against anyone who tries to infringe upon my content. I'm no longer playing nice. I'm no longer chalking it up as: "Oh well, I can always create more/just go a different direction-again“. No more Ms. Nice Nik and no more Community Resource Center Nik. Those days are over and I have absolutely no desire to return to that life.

I don't even understand what people get from taking and copying. As the youngest of five children, I have always busted my ass to create my own light and to never be comfortable dwelling in the shadows of any of my older siblings. Individuality gets you so much further. There's never any traffic when you stay in your own lane. There's a very thin line between feeling inspired and straight up taking and encroaching in someone's space. I'm no longer having it. If your intent is to come over here to take notes and steal...don't. Tap into your own source. Lean into your own lane. Leave sis and hers alone.

So again: ALL CONTENT ON THIS SITE BELONGS TO The Hedonist Playground LLC, and is NOT to be stolen or taken.

The Hedonist Playground LLC, reserves the right to pursue legal action against any violator(s) to the FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW

-And will

Please respect my brand, my content, and my intellectual property. You have been warned. It’s not worth it bew 🧸

Much love,


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