Hello Mama Box-The Ultimate Self-Care Subscription Service for Moms In Every Stage of Motherhood

Earlier this year, I was introduced to the Hello Mama Box which is a monthly subscription service for busy mamas who struggle with self-care. A brainchild of founder Cheya Thousand, the Hello Mama Box was curated after she was inspired to create a product for mothers that promoted self-care, and Mommy Time that is necessary in allowing mother's to refill their empty cups as well as re-center themselves. Cheya noticed a trend in mothers who practiced regular self-care: they seemed to have elevated qualities of life when compared to their counterparts who did not.

After witnessing her loved ones battle postpartum depression, Cheya was determined to create a lane to support women who battle with the side of motherhood that is rarely addressed: the burnout and putting self last. Understanding the magnitude that self-care brings for mothers in all stages of their motherhood, the Hello Mama Box was birthed (all pun intended) and the rest is history.

Today, the Hello Mama Box takes the pressure off of self-care for mothers while promoting maternal wellness in a affordable and easy way. Each box is delivered equipped and prepared to encourage mothers to slow down and pamper themselves with a variety of items that range from assorted teas to bath and body products designed to allow them to create their self-care oasis. The main focal point of this one of a kind box is to create spaces for mothers to feel celebrated and pampered as they should be. The Hello Mama Box is the perfect gift to allow people to show the mothers in their lives that they are supported and encouraged to embrace their self-care in a tailored and thoughtful way...just as they deserve to be.

Just one of the many Hello Mama boxes that Cheya cultivates.

I had the pleasure and honor of having the Hello Mama Box as a proud sponsor of my A Tribe Called Sis: Mother's Day Brunch this past May and they were an absolute hit! Read on for our exclusive interview with founder Cheya Thousand.

1. So tell us about Hello Mama Box and what made you create this amazing service.- I was inspired by my friends and family who have children and some whom have also battled with postpartum depression.

I notice that my friends who were able to make time for self care had a different quality of life! 

2. How did you get the name?

The name came from letting the women know they are seen! Most times when women have children people forget about the Mom! I just wanted to “Hello Mama”! Also, Mama means the same thing is many languages! 

3. With so many wellness subscription boxes circulating around, what makes your product unique?

Hello Mama Box, is one of few which caters specifically to Mamas! Most boxes cater to Mama & Baby, very few focus on just Mama!

4. What do you think is the biggest misconceptions about mothers?

I think it might be they make things look easy at times, even when they themselves are trying to figure it out! 

5. In your opinion, how can mamas be their best selves using your products?

To get the most out of a Hello Mama Box you will need to start making Self Care a priority! We will take care of the rest! Scheduling a time that is just for you is a necessity!

The Hello Mama Box was a hit at my Mother's Day Brunch. Two lucky mamas received them in our giveaway!

6. Do you have a special process in picking products for your boxes?

We select products that are natural & organic for all of our boxes! We also try to find products made by Mamas!

7. What are some products that one can find in your Hello Mama Boxes?

Each box has 3-4 full size or travel size items, tea, affirmation cards, & a functional gift! We try to alternate beauty and body each month to allow time to fully enjoy each box & introduce Mamas to new brands!

8. Any challenges with curating your boxes?

The biggest challenge is getting Mamas to see the importance in taking time for themselves and not just giving it as a gift to others!

9. What is a box favorite of yours?  

I can’t say I have a box favorite! I think the best part of the process is selecting products for each month’s box! 

10. Do you have any current specials or subscription incentives?

Absolutely, new customers can use HelloMama code at checkout to save an additional 5% off for a total of 30% savings on all 3-12 month subscriptions. 

11. How can consumers find you?

Customers can find us on Facebook & Instagram @hellomamabox & visit our website at hellomamabox.com

Pssst. Hello Mama Box is offering a special coupon code! Save 10% off of any of the 3-12 month subscriptions with code: Mamalove10. Go ahead and gift the mama or mama to be in your life!

Save 10% off of any of the 3-12 month subscriptions with code: Mamalove10


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