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Heaux Stories From Nikkie's Heaux Bag

I scanned the nude pool as I took a sip of my Patron on the rocks and let out a big sigh. I had the best "seat" in the area as I sat naked and perched on the end of the pool ledge. My waist beads danced against my skin as I begin kicking my legs in the water to display my boredom, a slow pout forming on my lips.

Truth was, I was beyond bored. With a capital B. Although I was smack in the middle of the most infamous erotic playground in the world: Hedonism Jamaica-I was beginning to feel the monotony of the days fusing together. I was looking for something exciting-more than what I was seeing. I was posted up at their nude pool. Naked couples and singles were lounging all around me. Some engaged in their own world. Some playfully making new acquaintance. Some were sucking dick. Some were getting their pussies eaten like the last supper. A lot were engaged in heavy fucking and gang banging. I even spotted the young petite Asian chick who was there with her balling white sugar daddy who had bet her money for how many dicks she could suck while there. She was cozying up to a tall lanky Black dude who I had seen laying major pipe while in the infamous Romping Shop the night before. The look on his face said that he was about to be another notch on her throat’s belt.

But still, I was bored out of my mind. Having got there about an hour before and this being my third day at the resort, I was feeling like the days were getting routine and I didn't like it. Plus, none of the folk there were really my style to watch. Nor did I find any of them attractive.

Then I noticed a sexy piece of chocolate who greatly resembled Idris Elba sitting a few feet away from me. He was an older gentleman. Early to mid 40s but I could tell he definitely still had the juice. I clocked him when he checked in that afternoon. I thought he was a retired ball player or a high earning businessman. I could tell he still knew his way around the gym and homeboy looked like he was worth a pretty penny. He had the kind of quiet-but powerful wealth that you couldn't help picking up on. Now here he was, sitting next to me with his chocolate skin glistening and his perfectly trimmed beard shining under the moonlight. I could smell his deep woodsy cologne over the heavy scent of chlorine permeating from the swimming pool. I found myself leaning over his way to ask him if he had the time.

He gave me a welcoming smile as his eyes boldly scanned my naked body, stopping to stare at my breasts much longer than he should have.

"Yes I do, Ms. Beautiful”, his deep proper English accent sounded like he may have been from Kingston as he flicked the hefty gold time piece on his wrist, “It is just a quarter past 2am. I hope you're not ready to go just yet. The night is still young..." His voiced trailed off as he cocked his head to the side to get a better view of all this ass I was sitting on. I could tell he definitely liked what he saw. The mixture of my Patron and the Gorilla Glue I smoked the hour earlier made me feel extra frisky and I wanted to give him a better view.

I placed my drink down next to me and parted my thighs as I arched my back into a long sensual stretch. My breast jiggled softly as I did this. Closing my eyes while letting a satisfying moan escape from my lips, I heard a slight gasp escape from his as he got a better look. When I opened my eyes, his attention was locked in on my fat pussy lips that poked out from underneath my flat tummy. He licked his lips and squared his eyes at me as I parted my thighs a little more because at this point, I was getting turned on by his reaction and knew that I had him by the balls-literally.

But I played it cool still. "Yeah, I know it’s still a bit early. The vibes don’t really start picking up until after 3am anyway." I shrugges as leaned forward to cup some of the cool pool water into my hands to drizzle over my now throbbing clit.

"Oh? You're a regular here?" I could tell this really piqued his curiosity.

"Let’s just say I know my way around". I winked at him as I picked up my drink to take another sip.

"I know….I saw you" he gave me mischievous grin and for the first time I noticed how full his lips were. Especially against his perfect teeth. Now he had my curiosity.

"Oh?", I asked, “You saw me?”

"Yes, I watched you over in the falls with the gentleman. Your not an easy woman, enuh?" his eyes twinkled even more as he nodded towards the enclosed waterfall cave in the middle of the nude pool area where people were welcome to tuck off to for more privacy and out of the open area with others.

He wasn't telling any lies. About 30 minutes prior, I was throwing back ass and throat on my boyfriend who I had brought with me this time to the resort. I hadn't even realized that all eyes were on us until the timer lights inside the cave came on and gave everyone a pleasant sight to see while we were mid fuck.

That's one of the beautiful things about the cave. It gives enough "privacy" for you to get lost in the moment but also has that voyeuristic element that allows other voyeurs to watch intently without seeming intrusive. I giggled at his revelation while also remembering that while we started off being the only two in the cave, we were quickly joined by two other couples who were turned on by the way I was gagging on my man's dick underneath the water followed by him giving me long powerful back shots as I propped my leg on one of the rocks to swing this ass even more mightily.

In fact, none of the other couples really seemed to be present with their partner. They had really came inside to get a better look. I guess they grew tired of the light timer leaving them in the dark in between our romp and wanted to see the view straight through. Homeboy must have been posted up somewhere watching too and when I really thought of it, he might have even positioned himself to sit right next to me in this very moment!

Breaking myself out of my thoughts, I glanced back over at him to check him out some more. He was still looking towards the cave as if he was still reminiscing on seeing me give my nigga the best that I got earlier. I took advantage of this by taking the time to check him out and see what thee fawk he was working with. He had to play sports was all I could think about when my eyes trailed over his broad chest, powerful arms, and nice runner's legs. He had beautiful milk chocolate skin. No blemishes and it looked so smooth, I almost reached out to touch it. I also saw his large hands for the first time as he brought his Guinness Beer up to his full lips to take a sip. Then I noticed his dick. Shit needed it's own zip code. It was definitely my time to gasp. Long, thick, and dark just like I liked them. Veins galore just like I liked them. He was rock hard too. The way his dick slowly pulsated and throbbed as he sat in deep thought, I knew it officially had a mind of its own. I could see the Hershey veins and its full mushroom tip that screamed: Suck me.

Damn! I thought. Who thee fawk is YOU here with?? You can’t be here alone!

Then it was my turn to get caught staring too long because he abruptly turned his attention back to me as if to shake himself out of whatever thoughts he was having and blushed when he saw what had my attention.

"You like what you see?" He trailed his eyes down his tight abs to his amazing dick what was jumping against his torso. Each time, I heard the Thud!, I imagined him slapping that shit on my clit. He tilted his head as if taunting me to say otherwise.

"Mmmmmn. Maybe I do.." I purposely allowed my voice to trail off as I took another sip of my drink.

"Heaux, you don't need to drink shit else!" I thought to myself. This dude was about to have me risk it all-and I didn’t give NO fawks. Nor did I need to borrow any!

But before either of us could say another word, I heard my boyfriend's voice behind me.

"Sorry for taking so long babe. I got my inhaler and I stopped to get you another drink and grabbed us two towels." Lewis* blurted out excitedly as he handed me a new drank and positioned himself to sit next to me on the pool ledge.

Chile...I had forgotten all about his ass for a second. He had been gone for about 10-15 minutes The combination of his orgasm, the pool chlorine, and the acrobats we were doing for all to see in that cave had gotten the best of my poor baby and he began having issues with his sinuses and breathing once we left the cave to come sit at the pool ledge. I had suggested that he go back to our room to grab his inhaler and get himself together after I gave him the Gwaak Gwaak 5000 Neck & Wrist Twist and backshot combo in the cave.

After he left, I had gotten so lost in my exchange with this mystery man that I lost track of time. When I glanced back at homeboy, I could tell that he was a bit disappointed that Lewis had returned but he also looked hopeful that maybe he could be our tag along for the evening. Thinking back on it, I don't blame him. Folk were on me and Lewis's biscuit since our arrival. We were the only young Black sexy couple there and had been getting it in since our arrival. Privately and publicly. We didn’t give a fuck and absolutely ate up the entire hedonism lifestyle.

But Lewis didn't share. He didn’t play that shit about me. We had already spoken about it and he wasn’t budging. He didn’t mind voyeurism and he was even cool with me hand picking another woman to suck his while I watched, but that was the end of the line with him. I wasn't even going to bring it up and make shit awkward. In fact, I needed to put as much space between me and this Idris Elba look a like as I possibly could before I ended up being his damn girlfriend by the end of the trip and not Lewis.

Sensing my dilemma, Lewis seemed to finally notice my new acquaintance and peered over me to check him out.

"Hi", he said. His deep voice dripping with extra territorial bass, "I'm Lewis, Nik's boyfriend".

No this nigga didn't just piss all over me like a fawing fire hydrant!!!!

It didn't seem to phase my new friend. He extended his hand to Lewis while replying: "Hey Lewis. Good to meet you. I'm Lindval. Good to meet you as well Nik.” As soon as our hands met, I felt his current through his fingertips that sent real energy currents down to my throbbing pussy.

I sat in the middle of the two feeling like all the air was let out of my sail. Why the fawk don't I ever meet niggas like this when I come solo?? How unfair is this shit? How are these the odds when I meet a man like this? The more I thought about it, the more irritated I got. I was over it and ready to go. Plus I needed to reset my pussy's battery cause homegirl was ready to take off and land right on Lindval's daaaack. I turned my attention back to Lewis.

"Wanna go sit on the beach?" I asked him, referring to the nude beach that sat on the other side of the pool.

"Sure. I also brought you another roll up in case you wanted to smoke again"

Boy, Did I ever???!

"Yes, let's go babe" Yes, Gawd. Get me thee fawk outta here I thought to myself as I stood up from the pool ledge. I could feel Lindval's hot gaze on me ass Lewis assisted me with drying my legs and helping me back into my beach romper. I gave Lindval a weak smile and wave as Lewis went to gather my beach tote by our lounge chairs and we dipped out.


20 minutes later, I was laying comfortably on my back at the beach, on a beach lounger that Lewis had partially slid to the beach's edge. He knew how much I love hearing the waves crash underneath as I lounged. I was feeling much much better as I was halfway through my blunt which had done an amazing job with calming down my Lindval jitters and brought me back to enjoying time with the man I came with. I had removed my portable speaker from my tote bag and the sounds of Sade were permeating the warm island air. Even better, I was enjoying the view of Lewis in between my legs as he teased, suckled, licked, and devoured my swollen clit.

If you've never laid on the beach while puffing the best quality Jamaican weed as you got your soul ate through your pussy-we need to get you this experience ASAP no Rocky. The shit is heaven. But I digress.

Lewis placed a buttery soft towel under my hips to keep my ass from slipping in between the lounge strips and to also give him better control of his meal. After positioning his long limbs on the edge of the lounge for better traction, he spread my thighs as wide as they would go before burying his face back inside my wet swollen pussy lips. My eyes danced against my eyelids as he rolled my clit ring with is thick tongue and soft lips while slipping two long fingers in and out of my pussy just as I like it. He locked his strong biceps around my thick thighs to keep me still as my orgasm began building up. I was twisting and turning so hard in ecstasy that I dropped my unfinished blunt in the sand under us. When I opened my eyes to look for where I dropped it..I saw him.

Lindval stood about six feet away from us, quietly under a tree, watching us. I looked down and saw that he was still naked and was also stroking his perfect erect long thick hershey dick. He looked at me defiantly and didn’t miss a beat with stroking his daaaack and fixating his full attention on Lewis’s head lapping up my Pwussy juices as he tigged on my swollen clit.

Frozen, I didn't want to alert Lewis and to be honest, it was even more of a turn on in conjunction with the vibes I was already feeling. His intense eyes burned into mine as if instructing me to go ahead and get off on him and my man. I had never felt so fiery in my life.

I leaned my head back on the beach lounger and grabbed Lewis' buried head as he continued to lick and suck my pussy for dear life. In between his licks, I glanced back and forth to Lindval who continued to stroke his dick while watching us intensely. Watching him lick his lips as my moans grew louder made me envision them on me and sent me into a deeper frenzy. Plus Lewis was eating my pussy like the Last Supper so a heaux was ready to teleport any second.

I came loud, hard, and explosive. Shit, I needed to hit the inhaler after that but Lewis was on one. He had hit the blunt too and was also feeling his drink so he was good to go. Plus, he was on payback time for the way I snatched his soul through his dick in the cave earlier so I knew this was gonna be a good rematch anyway.

He didn't even give me a chance to catch my breath after I came. He flipped me over and positioned my knees over the plush towel while sliding his Mandingo dick inside my pussy inch by inch, so smooth. I trembled and gasped as I felt his dick hitting every crevice of my pulsating pussy. I let out a deep breath as he gripped my hips to catch himself before he came too fast (pet peeve of mine).

Reaching down to massage Lewis' balls as he long stroked me, I glanced over to Lindval to see if he still dared to be there. He was and had moved closer!!! Clearly he didn't give a fuck and wanted a better view. I wanted him to have one too because I arched my back even deeper and began throwing it back savagely on Lewis while competing with Sade over who moaned and wailed the most in the darkness over a track. This seemed to really excite Lewis because he started talking even more dirty shit that he knew I loved. He slapped my bouncing ass harder and reached down to grab a handful of my braids before whispering in my ear that I better come extra hard for him. Then he trailed his long fingers down my back before slapping my ass and instructing me to throw my whole ass back onto his dick. I obliged meeting his dick with 200+ pounds of Grade A horse power bawdy. This sent him over the edge and his moans increased as he gripped my hips even tighter.

Then he froze. I felt how nails dig into my hips in tension. I looked over my shoulder and saw that not only had he spotted Linval but the nigga had moved even closer and was posted up under the same damn tree that we were under. I could literally reach my hand out and touch his ass if I wanted to.

But instead of this incensing or making Lewis mad, it opened up the floodgates for some testosterone competition on my pussy's behalf.

As if he wasn't already killing the pussy (in a good way), Lewis reached way deep into his daaaack bag and started showing out. After all, he was an exhibitionist like me and because this was team work, I also rose to the occasion, giving Cherokee D'Ass a run for her pussy's money. I could feel Lewis' orgasm rising up and I began to prepare to catch it. I reached back and spread my ass as wide as I could to receive as much dick as I could while still throwing it back oh so viciously. I made sure to clamp down this kegel trained snapper on the dick. I wanted my Pwussy to devour his dick and sis made me proud because Lewis sounded like he didn’t know if he was coming or going-literally.

"Oh my fucking God girl!" Lewis yelled as he dug his fingers deeper into my hips.

"Mmmmmnnnn. Come all in this pussy baby. You better not waste none of my nut." I taunted as he came hard and long.

"Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!" he yelled out again.

"Shaaaaaaaaaat!!!" I heard Lindval say as he also stroked himself into sheer ecstasy. Well damn, I guess he couldn’t contain himself either-even though he hadn’t even touched the Pwussy.

It took me and Lewis more than a few seconds to catch our breath. The sound of Sade soothed us back to earth and reality as we lay exhausted and spent.

I looked over to where Lindval was standing again...and he was gone. No trace of him. Not even from a distance. It was as if he was never there.

"Yo, was that nigga there the entire time Nik??" Lewis asked after catching his breath.

"Yep", I nodded while looking for the rest of my damn blunt that was oh so needed at that moment. Cause that was an experience!

"Wait til he sees the next show", Lewis said while winking at me.

But the crazy thing is that we never saw him again...and my heaux ass was looking too. I'm not sure if he checked out the next day or got caught up with another young lady/couple but it was so trippy for him to disappear into thin air like that.

It will definitely go down as one of my favorite experiences from Hedo :)

The actual area where it went down 🤭

*Name has been changed because I no longer associate with the nigga and to also protect his identity

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