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Friends with NO Benefits..

So he says he’s not ready for a relationship right? He’s telling you some shit about finances not being right, he’s not where he wants to be in life, and he’s not ready for a relationship. He expects you to understand that he needs time and you two are not ready for anything official. He also expects that while he’s out here on his Donnell Jones “Where I Wanna Be” tour; you will be ok with giving him all of the benefits that are correlated to a relationship. He doesn’t want you dating anyone else, he wants to suck up all of your free time, he wants you to share your body with just him, and all of your devotion and dedicated coupled with supreme understanding of his “situation” and acceptance that this is a one way street. Then the next thing you know, you’re dealing with his three kids in your home and screaming that love is so blind because it feels right when it’s so wrong and you want to know how you got here.

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