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"C'mon, Chantel," Roman whined as he watched, via FaceTime, his girlfriend unwrap the creamsicle with a sly little smirk and lick it quite suggestively, "That's not fair." He shifted in his seat as his pants tightened uncomfortably and he had to resist the urge to reach down and adjust himself. Of course his girl had to go and be all sexy when he was on break at work and he couldn't do anything about the raging hard on she was giving him. Looking directly into the camera, Chantel hummed in the back of her throat and stuck the tip of the frozen ice cream treat in her mouth with a quiet moan, and she watched as Roman bit his lip and she could hear the groan rumble in his throat. "Mmmm," she moaned, smearing the orange creamsicle over her lips and bringing her phone closer to her face so he could get a close up of her tongue licking it off. Digging his fingers into the table, Roman clenched his teeth and couldn't stop the needy little whimper that escaped his lips. "You little bitch," he gritted out, his eyes zeroed in on the way her tongue flicked out to lick up the side of the creamsicle. His dick throbbed within the confines of his jeans, wishing desperately that "it" was the goddamn ice cream instead. Chantel smiled and puckered her lips at him. "Mm, you love it, though," she purred before promptly shoving the whole creamsicle in her mouth and looking directly into the camera. Roman groaned and was just reaching for the fly of his jeans when suddenly the door in the break room opened and one of his coworkers strolled in. Frantically Roman jammed in his ear-buds and slanted his phone so his colleague couldn't see the screen of his phone. "Dammit," he growled and Chantel laughed softly, blowing him a kiss before deciding to make it a little easier for him and turning off her camera. Roman relaxed a little bit when the view of his girl disappeared and he cast a quick glance to his coworker to see if he'd caught a glimpse. Thankfully Greg was none the wiser, grabbing a water bottle from his locker and staring down at his phone in his hand. Satisfied, he turned his gaze back to his iPhone, even though he couldn't see anything, but still able to hear every little sound from her end. He'd thought that having Chantel disable her video would help ease his lust somewhat, but now, without the visual aid, he was even more aware of the sounds she was making, slurping and licking that creamsicle, little moans and noises of pleasure escaping her that he knew she was deliberately making just to tease him. And fuck it was working. Trying valiantly to control his breathing and biting down hard on his lip, his dick pressing painfully against his fly, Roman held his phone in both hands and amidst the lewd noises she was making, he managed to type out a message to her in the chat. 'I don't know if I'd rather have the image of you eating that ice cream or just the sound of you with your mouth full...' He hit send and there was a pause before a sultry little chuckle echoed in his ears and he smirked slightly. A loud sucking sound followed shortly afterword accompanied with a moan and he quickly typed out, 'Sounds like you're enjoying yourself over there baby.' "Hmmm," Chantel purred, licking the last of the frozen treat off of the wooden stick. "Jealous?" With a mischievous little smirk, she reached for the fruit bowl sitting just to the left of her. Roman groaned and ignored the strange look he received from Greg as he hastily replied, 'Fuck yeah, the only thing that should be in that pretty mouth of yours is right here.' He stole a glance at his coworker who'd gone back to his phone and quickly, moving slowly so as to not draw attention, Roman angled his phone toward his lap and snapped a picture of the impressive bulge tenting his jeans. He was rewarded with Chantel's sharp intake of breath and the appreciative noise that escaped her throat. He smirked, pleased he was able to fire back a little retribution for all her teasing, and he thumbed out another message, just about to hit send on 'You like that, huh?,' when suddenly her icon enlarged and started loading, signaling she'd turned on her camera again, and Roman paused, his smirk widening slightly as he waited for his baby's face to appear on his screen. Her video loaded and the visual that met his eyes had him start so badly his knees jerked up into the table with a loud clang, drawing the other male's alarmed attention, and he bit so hard on his tongue to stifle the groan that welled up he tasted blood. Roman barely managed to get out a hastily typed 'brb' before he abruptly yanked out his ear-buds, carelessly tossed his phone into his locker, and frantically ran for the nearest bathroom, the image of Chantel masterfully deep throating a banana burned into his mind.

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