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4 Tips On How To Stop Giving a FAWK!

Cause you really been fucking up the church's money bew & it's upsetting me and the Deacon Board.

One thang about me: I don't give a fawk. Not one. Not about what a heaux got to say about me. Not about what a bihhh got to say about how I choose to live MY life. It really saddens me when I see this. If you follow me on social media, you know how I feel about allowing outside entities to dictate how you should live YOUR life. I also think this is why a lot of people may be uncomfortable with me. It can be foreign to some to see someone who lives their life their own way regardless of societal pressure, misogynistic fawkery, hating heauxs, projecting heauxs, and people who are afraid to live and want you to be too.

Man fuck all that.

While you're on this purpose driven life, you can't be caught up on what other people have to say or what other people feel about a life that they were not given the privilege of living. That's how you derail your future, fumble your bag, and trip your own damn steps.

I decided to jot down a few tips to keep all of your fucks in tact and safe from heauxs wanting you to give them away.

Tip #1 - Know just who the fuck you are.

When you know your value and what you bring to the table, you want let a heaux try to clown your dish(es). When you know that you are a hot commodity and a forced to be reckoned with, it ain't much that people can say about you or to you that will affect you-cause how a heaux goin tell you about you?? It shouldn't be surprising that there is a huge

Tip #2 - Know who you are among others

Everybody ain't you and everybody don't move like you. Especially if you a solid ass individual. You got some real weaklings out here. You've got some real snake ass heauxs out here. You got folk out here who ain't never been solid a day in their life and hates seeing others stand firmly on their square. When you know that you are a solid ass individual in the company of poptart ass heauxs, you learn how to move in a room full of vultures (as Hov would say). You also understand that you are set apart from others so what you do has no bearing on them and in kind, what they do has no bearing on you. Respecting your worth and your value in your own right makes it hard to allow others to sway you or dictate how you should maneuver. Having a sound understanding of other people's energy-particularly as it relates to yours is a cheat code that not a lot of us take advantage.

My father used to always tell me: "It's always better to have an understanding than to be misunderstood". That understand is knowledge in YOUR pocket that YOU can use.

Tip #3 - Be OK with not being liked or liking everyone

I don't wanna sound like that auntie, why do you care about being liked? That is not what you were sent here to do.

When people know that you care about their opinion, it gives them power to sway you and influence you to do shit to their liking. It also sways you away from your own autonomy and right to live your life YOUR way. As long as you are not hurting anyone, it ain't nobody's business. Moreover, ask yourself if YOU like everybody? I'm sure you don't and guess what? Them people get on about their business and ain't about to change for you.

People pleasing can find it's start in childhood. We are taught that if we act a certain way, we will be deemed pleasant, cool to be around, and non-confrontational. These "prizes" carry on into adulthood and we become those same children who want to be liked by everyone like we are still on the damn playground or trying to be voted to class president.

Newsflash: You grown now baby. You a whole ass adult. You create your own rules. You create your own peace. You live YOUR life the way you want to live it because after all, it was given to YOU to live. Everyone has their own life to live and dictate how they see fit so why are you allowing them to encroach their raggedy asses in your lane?

Life ain't about likability-especially with the morals of this fucking society. No, life is about fulfilling your destiny, enjoying your life, and doing what you were sent here to do. You cannot allow mere mortals to take you off this path. You cannot be caught up with people pleasing folk who will never be pleased with you as a person. Chile, that's hustling backwards. That's also another form of self-sabotage.

Tip #4 - Get that "humble" word the fuck out of your vocabulary.

Ugh I hate that word. Please don't say humble around me. I will get .38 hot and spazz on a heaux. First of all, anyone who actually knows the true definition of that word, knows that it is a set up for you to settle and water yourself down. Any dictionary will tell you that you should NOT be humble.

But see that's the issue. People have a problem handling folk who have confidence and self-assured energy. They aren't comfortable with someone who knows who they are and what they have to offer so they try to police them by insisting that they be "humble". Again, humility is nothing but a weaponized word that gets people to shrink and not walk in their total power.

We don't do that shit here. Stop allowing people to make you shrink yourself so that they can be more comfortable with your magic and power. Absolutely fucking not.


In closing, it's really time to step into your magic and honor the privilege of being able to live your life authentically and on your own merit. You have to respect the fact no one else is responsible for ensuring that you walk fully in your power but you. You are your own gatekeeper! Stop allowing people to sway you and stop feeling the need to belong in spaces that make you shrink yourself. That simply means your energy is much too big to navigate in that space. Humility is an energy killer and heauxs will empty that clip to shoot you down every opportunity they get.

Your life is not community property baby. Start moving like it.

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