Black Sauce

I wanted to create something for "us".  I wanted to provide products that speak to our story. Something that would command the attention of onlookers as you walk down the street. You know? Shit with a statement. Shit that's bold and in your face but still fashionable & traffic stopping. I wanted to have products that promote spirituality, elevate one's vibration, sensuality, get them in touch with their sexual prowess, and promote oneness with self. I also wanted to create products that would cultivate our melanin and make us shine like the sun children we are. Most importantly, I wanted to create a space where people could get all of these products in one shop. What you see in my store is the hybrid of all of the aforementioned thoughts. Click here to be taken to my Black Sauce store or visit

Black Sauce Enrichment Center

Online Academic Tutoring, Mentoring, Professional Development in Science, Technology, & Math, College Preparation, Personal Statement Editing,  Personal Development Sessions

Email us at to schedule your session!

A Seat At My Sister's Table

Dinner Events for Women of Color where Mentoring, Entrepreneurship, Life Coaching, Laughter, Healing & Girl Talk Exists Beautifully at One Table. Currently on an 18 month, 21 city international tour. For tour and ticket information, visit or click here.

A Tribe Called Sis

A coalition for women providing affirmations & resources that speak to strengthening sisterhood & promoting healing.

Also the home of the one of a kind Queens Power Trip: Jamaica Retreat

Instagram: @atribecalledsis

Kingston's Kitchen

 Baked goods & culinary creations authored & handcrafted by my son; kid boss Kingston in his own kitchen. Definitely love at first bite. Visit Kingston's Kitchen at or by clicking here.

I Just Want My People To Heal Inc.

We exist to proactively reduce the stigma of mental health in the African-American community by bringing awareness, providing supports as well as linkages that strengthen bonds, and promoting unity among African-American women, men, and children so that they can heal as a whole. 

Follow us on IG @ijustwantmypeopletoheal and check out our website or click here.

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