Fearless. Bold. Against the grain. Free Spirited & innovative.


The founder and CEO of Black Sauce, A Tribe Called Sis, The Healing Yoni Garden, & The Black Love Effect is also a writer, public figure, philanthropist, motivational speaker, podcaster, behavior scientist, and Forensic Psychology PhD Candidate.


In addition to being formally educated in psychology and behavior science, a.Nichole is also a Reiki Practitioner and Certified Cosmic Sexuality Instructor with over 25 years experience in botany, herbology, and skincare. 


A lover of all things art, wild, and outside the box; a.Nichole strives to bring you the best fashions, statement products, and items that inspire you while raising your vibrations simultaneously! Never afraid to push the envelope, a.Nichole promises to always bring nothing but the best while using her colorful vocabulary to inspire and encourage you to live your best life.


Check out her Nikkie's Thoughts Podcast available on iTunes & Google Play (search Nikkies Thoughts) and make sure to hit her up on her social media below!

IG: @freq.nik

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Twitter: @freq_nik

Tumblr: @anicholepoetry


Email: anicholeinc@gmail.com